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  1. ztrguy

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    Is it impossible to mow over an area one time w/o leaving clumps or clippings all over the yard? I have a 3 acre area to mow. I cut it at 3.5" The mower I use is a 2003 Exmark 52" Lazer HP. I mow it every week. I'm cutting probably 3 or so inches off of it each week. I have tried several different things. If I leave the discharge chute up and try to cut it (the direction as if you were striping - back and forth) ....... it throws the clippings about 2 - 3 mowers width and it doesn't look as clean as I want it. There are grass clippings spread out on the lawn. If I try to leave my discharge down, you know what happens. It just clumps the grass 4 or 5 inches away from the chute. And that looks worse. How can I cut this 3 acre yard w/o having to double cut the entire thing? I was wondering if I had a striping kit, would I have to double cut it? Or could I get away with cutting the grass a little higher and then the striping kit pushes the grass down so it looks nice. What does everyone think? I'm at the point where I want to trade this thing in for something else. Any encouraging thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  2. greenman

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    Yeah there it is. Its called a mulch kit.
  3. 65hoss

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    What you are discribing is exactly why I refuse to side discharge anything. I hate the look of clippings on top. You can never get as clean a look with side discharging. Stuff stays on top. As stated above, it is called the eXmark mulch kit. I run it on my 52" HP and would not do anything else.
  4. ztrguy

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    How does your mulch kit do? I have the mulch kit, but I took it off because it got so much grass jammed up in the baffles. Then, it would drop some of that grass onto the ground and leave little clumps here and there. How often do you have to clean underneath your deck b/c of the mulching kit? Do you use it on bigger yards? What's the secret?
  5. LawnSmith

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    cutting 3+" off the blades and using a mulch kit = turtles pace while mowing.....
  6. ztrguy

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    Exactly! So, how do I not double cut with side discharge?
  7. Runner

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    If you're getting 3" of growth a week, and cutting at 3.5, try lowering your mower a bit, maybe a half an inch. This will slow the growth down, so you can get on top of it. A half inch more cut off, will equal more than a half inch shorter at the end of the week. Just be careful, and have the foresight to see hot and dry weather coming. You don't want to let that dry out, but it sounds as if it's growing like that, you will be alright for some time.
  8. Double blades +, but I run single gator type blades, and don't have a problem.
  9. joshua

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    runner, come on get serious cut it shorter and that will slow the growth? thats a myth and a good laugh. ztrguy try the excalibur mulching blades by exmark. they work great, but your dealer will say you need to have the mulch kit on just ignore him and get them anyways.
  10. ztrguy

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    Are you talking about the mulching blades that come with the mulching kit? If so, I have them. I haven't tried them w/o the kit though.

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