Imprelis Damage-Treatment/Cure


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I recall reading a thread that was posted by someone that claim to have used a spray mix which reduced or neutralized the chemical and return trees to normal state. Does anyone else remember which thread this was? Or has anyone else have a mixture to share? Thanks.


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I am dubious...that any chemical would save a tree. However...I think I saw that Dupont is recommending activated charcoal be sprayed to cover the entire surface of the soil of the entire new planting hole, (after 12 inches of old soil is removed).

Talk to your local chem dealer--and talk soon as you don't want to lose out if it is in short supply. Guys tell me it can be sprayed in a back pack or maybe hand sprayer, and some dealers have a liquid form. Either way it is messy--don't wear a white shirt. Naturally, have the tree company do this if possible.

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One guy guy did post about an organic potion he used to try and salvage damaged trees. I know not who it was.