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    Tree Nut, when my LCO did my visit, it only listed the pines with damage. I am losing so much more. The Dupont site visit wouldn't list the additional damage in April. Since then I'm losing even more. We are already in the 90's so I'm sure we'll see more.

    I have alot of plants that I bought that are still in containers, no sense in planting them.
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    please use this email: and I'll give you some more information since you can't PM yet.
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    Purdue updates Friday, June 15, 2012


    What Should I Do if I Suspect Imprelis®
    Injured Trees BUT I Didn’t Notice the Damage
    in 2011?

    In 2011, OISC investigated more than 400 complaints
    in Indiana of injury to trees and ornamentals where
    Imprelis® applications were made. A few new
    investigations are ongoing in 2012 based on reports of
    new symptoms. If you applied Imprelis® in 2011, did not
    file a claim in 2011 with DuPont, and now see what you
    suspect is Imprelis® damage, then contact OISC at (765)
    494-1492. OISC will investigate these reports on a
    case-by-case basis.
    If you applied Imprelis® in 2011, filed a claim in 2011
    with DuPont, and now see what you suspect is new
    damage from Imprelis® on previously undocumented
    trees, then contact DuPont at (866) 796-4783. Request a
    site visit and the forms you’ll need to file an amendment
    to your claim.


    What Is Taking DuPont So Long?

    Many people have been asking this question. Turf
    professionals are getting pressure from their clients and,
    in some cases, their insurance companies. Unfortunately,
    we are not sure why the claims process is taking so long
    for so many people other than the fact that many claims
    were filed, each with several trees, and large amounts of
    paperwork are required in this legal process. Although
    some settlement offers have been made, most are still
    waiting to hear back from DuPont. All we can do is
    encourage you to contact DuPont and express your
    concerns regarding the process.
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    I'm not surprised DuPont is being slow to get offers out and to do the right thing and send out better counter offers that actually include language that gives a time limit on when a person should expect a check if the approve. The clock is ticking until the statute of limitations runs out eventually. Could depend on when damage was noticed or when the application took place, not sure. But, not surprised in the delays.
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    Thanks Cindy for posting the Purdue Extension update on Imprelis.

    Here's an interesting section that DuPont won't want those who are receiving their offers to hear because they still want to just pay for a little maintenance on some trees they think are recoverable.

    Purdue Extension (accessed June 18, 2012)
    Did Trees Recover from Imprelis® Injury?In the locations that Purdue and OISC specialists visited, most of the trees that were identified and confirmed as damaged by Imprelis® in 2011 declined in health throughout the 2011 growing season — and they are not recovering in 2012. Some trees exhibit symptoms exactly like they did the previous year. They appear frozen in time, and no new growth has occurred. Some trees show signs of new growth from axillary buds but not from terminal/apical buds. In many cases, despite some recovery, trees are too damaged, so removing them is still recommended.
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    Thanks for those links. That was a very interesting article. I think the best thing this forum offers is a chance to see that others are in the same boat and we are not alone in our suffering. I haven't seen the dupont offer yet, but was told by dupont that it should be here in the next week or two. Here is also a link to a new article posted by the newspaper in the Minneapolis area.

    We are also suppose to have a visit from Davey this week to talk about taking down the "hazardous" trees. They aren't hazardous by falling down on someone or something, but we have been scratched up a lot trying to mow the grass around these trees. Are there any opinions on whether we should be removing these at this time, or should we wait and preserve the evidence?

    I have had little or no help from our LCO this year. I have asked them to re-rate the trees but they say we must wait for the dupont proposal first. I think I have about had it with this LCO and am ready to cut ties with them. I don't blame them for the problem caused by dupont, but I think a little more help in resolving all this would have been nice.
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    New member here but I've been monitoring the thread; a lot of good information found in this thread.

    Here is an article published today from my local paper (Minneapolis Star Tribune) that is a typical summary I think: The good news is that the media is becoming aware of the issue (little by little).

    I'm in the same boat as a lot of you; private home owner waiting to get information from DuPont. My biggest question is my pines aren't totally dead but there was no growth this spring. A couple of spots that tried to bud but that was it. Is that a sign that they are dying for sure or will they come back next year? Just trying to decide if I need to replace my beautiful or just hold on...

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  9. Starbuy

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    I've met with 4 arborists and spoke to a scientist as well about similar damage at my place and they all confirmed that I probably won't see any actual recovery. They had not seen any repair occur since damage from Imprelis and they've visited many many sites over the course of a year. Sorry for the bad news.
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    That article just made me more upset.

    Pretty sure that after a year they would have an idea of how many trees/claims they have. The ones you can't count yet are the ones that haven't been told that they were treated with Imprelis and word is getting out and more damage is presenting.

    I must have been on the bottom of the list, I've been moved up a couple times supposedly when my prized koi died and the tree debris keeps falling in my pond with the wind storms dropping needles and pine cones in my pond. Have another mess to clean up. Also called when my kitty died and I didn't have a place to bury her because Imprelis killed my trees where my pets are buried. Totally distraught when the tree company described how the machines would shred and chop up their remains removing the trees and soil.

    I am very much grateful to the Lawnsite board for allowing us to post and keep each other up to date.

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