Imprelis Discussion - it's damage, Dupont's Claim Process, Lawsuits filed, Experience

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Starbuy, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. patchoulipal

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    I don't sorry. Maybe it did only go to 20ft. I just know the numbers I put on stopped lower than that since mine were not that big.
  2. rosewater

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    anyone know how dupont is compensating homeowners with trees that are 30' and 40'? I have Dupont's chart that only goes up to 20' thanks
  3. bailter

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    I talked to Dupont and the subject of rejections came up. I told the rep that I had heard that rejected proposals went to the bottom of the pile and were only looked at after all originals were dealt with. He stated that was not true. The rejected proposals go to a completely different group and should be dealt with promptly. I also talked to my LCO and they said they heard that it takes about 4 weeks to respond to a rejected proposal. Now I take all this with a grain of salt especially since I was once told my proposal would be here in the first quarter, and then later told it would be between May and June, and then later by end of June, and I still haven't seen it. I am told now it is in the drafting stage.

    For me, it's all about getting this done and over as quickly as possible. I know that plays right into Dupont's hands, but as a retired person, I don't want this hanging on. Get it done and get it over with. If that means I don't get everything owed to me, I can live with that. That is the primary reason I don't want to lawyer, because I could see that dragging on for years. And then who knows what will come of it. I know Starbuy says it's a no brainer, but Dupont will have a team of excellent lawyers. And since their insurance will be the ones really on the hook, I am sure they will have top notch lawyers, and I have never known insurance companies to be loose with their money.
  4. Starbuy

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    I never said anything was 'a no brainer' nor ever thought it. I realize in the very limited form of communication on a public forum like this it's sometimes difficult to understand someone's thinking. Some have been perfectly satisfied with DuPont's offer and not worried about ever trying to sell their home and dealing with unforeseen problems related to toxin disclosures or other related expenses. Each person must decide what chances they can take. I knew it would take longer for me to get them to pay for certain expenses at my property and dealing with them on the progression of death of more than double what they said. In my case I had no choice and believe the laws will help me prevail quicker. They never would agree to even guarantee I would be compensated by a particular date. The offer to me was unacceptable.
  5. cindyb

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    No comment.
  6. bailter

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    OK, it wasn't "no brainer" My ancient mind didn't recall it correctly. Here is what you said:

    Contracts are negotiable before signing. If they want my case, which they know is basically a slam dunk, they cannot expect me to pay the same amount out of my award or settlement that I would have paid in a class action just because they are working with other law firms in partnering to take care of a lot of individual cases

    But anyway, I would just love to get a proposal, even if it was a bad one like you said yours was. I still don't know what I will do, and won't until I get that letter.
  7. Starbuy

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    I did feel good finally getting the offer just to help me solidify the direction I should take. That, and also talking with one of their supervisors really helped confirm for me what I should do. But, maybe your offer will be sufficient and the terms more agreeable for you. As far as my case being a legal slam dunk I was referring to the law being on my side and for attorneys my case is certainly easier than other cases of damages such as pharmaceutical from what attorneys have told me. Number one reason: DuPont has already admitted fault and sent me an apology letter. That speaks volumes if we have to go all the way to jury. If they offer a substantial settlement in order to avoid court judgement then of course I will not be able to discuss the arrangements.
  8. Beseiged46

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    Has anyone posted on the Dupont Facebook page (or other social media?). After yet another "claims resolution legal review..yada yada" phone inquiry, I was so cranky I posted a request for some action on their Facebook page. My trees are ugly, my yard looks crappy, and there seems to be no end in sight to this nightmare.
  9. bailter

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    I certainly understand about your garden. We bagged clippings last fall and tilled them into the garden. At that time we were told the imprelis should be gone. Of course they were wrong again. It really affected my tomatoes and peppers. Other things are not too bad. Raspberries, strawberries had fruit, but not as much as normal. Same with potatoes. Jury is still out on the others. Of course Japanese beetles, deer, racoons, squirrels, moles, rabbits, etc. etc. also take their toll. Anyone out there have some best practices for the Japanese beetles on a large acreage yard?
  10. bailter

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    I know with the trees I have I will need to go the rejection route. After that I'll see where I'm at. If I decide to lawyer up, can I get you contacts?

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