Imprelis Discussion - it's damage, Dupont's Claim Process, Lawsuits filed, Experience

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  1. cindyb

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    Starting to die up from the bottom. See the deformed curl?

    aborviteas upclose new growth curling dying.jpg
  2. cindyb

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    I think the ones that settle are in for more damage and less response, if that is even possible. We are watching almost everything die, some just took longer.
  3. rosewater

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    Please keep me posted, pm, if necessary. I am in the Ann Arbor area. Have sent copies of my Dupont letters along with pics to the Detroit Free Press writer who covered the story previously.
  4. PapaD

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    Four weeks ago, we were told by DuPont that we would have their Settlement Offer within three weeks. That has not happened. When we call the representative to question the status, we go directly to voice mail and the message is that the mail box is full, so call back another time.

    You certainly get the feeling that DuPont does not really care about their name and reputation, which is going downhill real fast.
  5. TreeNut

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    I don't think ANYTHING is happening to DuPont's reputation---this is just a little 'blip' for them. We need to get more exposure out there.
  6. anyway

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    this was the latest news arcticle from today........KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Your brown trees and shrubs may have nothing to do with this summer's drought and heat.

    More people are starting to realize the damage was done long before the scorching summer sun ever arrived, caused by a weed killer sprayed on lawns in an attempt to care for them.

    Now, those brown, dying trees or shrubs in your yard could bring green to your wallet as it already has for thousands of homeowners in the metro and across the country.

    The two huge trees in Dan Fromm's Mission Hills front yard started dying long before he ever realized it.

    They were still green when his lawn care company, Ryan Lawn and Tree, knocked on his front door.

    Ryan Lawn and Tree informed him DuPont's new environmentally-friendly herbicide, Imprelis, had killed two old evergreens.

    "I wouldn't have known it was a lost cause had they not told me," Fromm said.

    The EPA told DuPont to pull it off the shelves while it investigates. DuPont said it has voluntarily recalled it.

    Last year, lawn care companies across the nation sprayed the weed killer on thousands of yards, boulevards and golf courses.

    Now this year, shrubs, evergreen hedges and trees, mostly Norway Spruce and White Pine, are starting to show evidence of damage.

    Lawn care companies have said it's costing DuPont millions in refunds.

    DuPont did not return the phone calls from 41 Action News.

    Fromm said he recently got a notice in the mail from DuPont about a settlement. He received thousands of dollars to replace his dead greenery.

    Another nearby resident believed $50,000 worth of shrubs and trees were ruined in his yard.

    He said he is now suing Ryan Lawn and Tree because he said it should have done what other companies do: Wait to use new products to see if they are safe.

    Kansas State University plant pathologists have studied samples to see if there could be another reason for the damage.
    "In most cases where there was strange growth on the plant, it was not due to any disease we could find...maybe it was due to Imprelis, but we have no way of proving that in our lab at K-State," Dr. Megan Kennelly explained.

    Fromm said he is happy with the settlement and the way Ryan Lawn and Tree pursued the claim.

    But he said he now wonders, like so many other homeowners, if his burnt hedges are a result of this summer's drought and heat or a bad lawn chemical.

    "A lot of lawns don't look as good as they did in the past. I believe it's in large part due to weather so it does beg the question," he said.

    Ryan Lawn and Tree did not have a comment.

    There are other companies that have used Imprelis too.

    If you would like to find out if the brown you now see in your yard is due to herbicide damage, call DuPont's Imprelis Hotline at 1-866-796-4783.

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    i had a talk with my lco the other day about why they are not the one getting the ball rolling a little better for there customers,he said there is nothing they can do to get dupont to move any faster,i realized then this would go no further,he offered me a phone number to the guy at dupont that is in charge of the claims agreement process,he said he should be able to answer my questions....(why isn't the lco talking to this guy) anyway,i have called 10 times and left 6 messages for this guy and not one call if your interested in calling,his name is mike brennan 1-302-999-5441 if anything he has to be tired of the messages,that won't detour me from calling more,what have i got to loose......
  8. cindyb

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    The LCO was honest and told the homeowner what was killing the trees, if he hadn't I could see filing a suit against him if they knew and didnt' disclose the information. The EPA and Dupont approved it for sale as environmental friendly.
  9. cindyb

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    from KY
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  10. anyway

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    hello....pretty quiet on here lately,has anyone recieved there resolution agreement lately?i still have not got mine,has anyone recieved payment from dupont lately? no new news to talk about,keep calling dupont but that is a broken record and that mike brennan guy ignores all my messages..have a good day,keep us informed if you know of any new developments

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