Imprelis Discussion - it's damage, Dupont's Claim Process, Lawsuits filed, Experience

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Starbuy, Feb 27, 2012.

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    Did you see my name on the first line? I can't hide now.:) I like that it made DuPont look pretty bad--whether they really ever get stung by it is another question.
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    still have not gotten anywhere with dupont or my landscaper,and still no claims resolution i fired off a nasty email to dupont on friday 9-28-2012,i get home today at 9am and there was a message on my phone,saying they are terribly sorry for the delay(blah blah blah)my claims has been under review for 10 months now remember!!! so anyways she said that it has been moved to the final drafting stage which means it has been completed and will be sent to attorney for review then sent to me,however there is still no time frame for when i will recieve guess it takes a year for each review process......i emailed back saying thanks for finally communicating with me, also if i don't recieve it in 30 days i will seek legal council,there is no reason for it to take this long,and i asked,did it take a year for dupont to get paid for there awful product by the lco's,and did the lco's wait a year to be paid by there customers for damaging there sick and tired of this game!!!!!
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    very nice arcticle tree nut.........i have emailed our local news station wxyz in detroit and wtol11 toledo to do a news arcticle about this,niether have contacted me or done an arcticle,i would like to see this get more attention,i talk to alot of people about it and nobody has even heard of it
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    anyway, your story is almost identical to mine. Last week, I was also told that our Claims Resolution Agreement had been drafted and had been sent to Legal for final approval before it would be sent out. I asked when that would be and she could not say. She said that she would email Legal to find out and would call me with the reply. I guess that expecting that this would happen within a few days was too optimistic - I am still waiting.
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    check your message box for a private message from me.
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    Cindyb: Unable to find your private message. (??)
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    Going to see more and more. The first arborist I paid to come out (on the dupont list) told me he hadn't seen anything with imprelis damage survive and that's what I'm seeing in my yard, total loss.

    Got it.

    Just click on my name and you'll see private message if you want to message me.
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    There have been some very interesting developments about our case. Yesterday, I received a call from an investigator at the Ohio Attorney General's office. She was asking about our experience with this problem and DuPont. They may or may not become involved, but they are gathering information, stimulated by the article in the Dispatch last Saturday. They have received "a few" complaints from individuals concerning the Imprelis issue.
    Also as a result of the article, found out DuPont is mad at me because I made comments in that article saying they had not responded to our claim. THEY claim they had not responded because we never submitted a claim--they wrote the nasty letter about me to the attorney, who called yesterday and sent me a copy. My best analysis of that is that our original claim was made through the LCO as part of a HOA, and that the LCO and president of our HOA had been receiving correspondance about all 22 lots, which have been treated a one group. My guess is they couldn't find us because we have been reduced to just a number, rather than a name. So, I've sent our "number" to the attorney, in case
    they can pull up my claim that way. What a freakin' mess!:hammerhead:

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