Imprelis Discussion - it's damage, Dupont's Claim Process, Lawsuits filed, Experience

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Starbuy, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. cindyb

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    Sorry this has been a mess for everybody. I should be watching pumpkins grow but I just have spindly little vines, no pumpkins.
  2. redcabo7

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    Shocking enough, it has been one month since I sent my rejection letter and still nothing. Again, shocking...right? Anybody in the Howell, MI area who has retained an attorney? I'd like to talk to you.
  3. csterno

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    I sent my rejection/counter over 3 months ago and nothing.
  4. rosewater

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    REDCABO 7 I sent you a private message. rosewater
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  5. rosewater

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    "If you do not agree with any terms set forth in the attached Tables..." as per page 2 of the Dupont resolution pkg. we received, you can state your reasons in writing within 30 days and send it to Epiq... I spoke with another useless Dupont rep today and asked what the tiime frame was in getting a response to my disagreement but he could not tell me how long it would take for a reply. I did mention folks have done just that and have been waiting months....At this rate, the Michigan statue of limitations will have expired. It has taken Dupont fourteen months to send out my pkg. Dupont is playing the game well, I hate this hostage situation.
  6. PapaD

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    I wonder whether DuPont is delaying everything intentionally or they are just inept. Other than hoping that the statute of limitations runs out, which for most claims is still at least 6 months from now, what do they gain by dragging this out? They must realize that they are driving people to attorneys, which will just make it more costly for them. Are they too big to really care?
  7. Starbuy

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    One would think DD shareholders care about the possibility of greater financial liability if this drags on and gets more and more expensive for DuPont (interest accruing). But, how many shareholders really know about this is the great question. How many of you have mutual funds that may hold shares of DD within the fund? How many government employees, teachers, police or private sector folks have 401k s that may own shares? I hope for their sakes DuPont's insurance covers part of their Imprelis damages. I believe DuPont has stated in the media they are counting on it.
  8. rosewater

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    from SALINE
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    From my perspective and as a claimant, the truth is Dupont doesn't really care as evidenced by all their ongoing lip service, initial denial at the beginning of this mess, and how they are handling the entire claims process. You can always look at their track record in previous dealings, case in point, the recent Monsanto award and the ongoing twenty year Benlate battle. Knowing that, what I am really interested in is knowing the progress of current lawsuits/negotiations and how soon an outcome will be reached. Someday will I read about Dupont's liability and damages awarded to homeowners/LCO's for Imprelis damage?
  9. GreenEm

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    Hello TreeNut, I'm curious about something. Are the 22 lots of your subdivision treated and billed to the HOA under one account? Or, does your subdivision simply have the common areas treated and billed to the HOA? Or, do you all use the same Lawn Care Company for which each of you has a seperate billing account? The reason for my inquiry is I don't understand why you would be treated as a group if you all have seperate accounts. Even if you all use the same company, individual site visits/ claim forms should have been completed for each of you.
    We have HOA's in the Imprelis Claims Resolution Process only because we treated the commons of a subdivision. All other claims are for each individual homeowner. As the HOA doesn't own your property it wouldn't make sense that they could sign off on any agreement for your personal property. If all 22lot's are treated as one group account, I would hope your HOA has held meetings for you all to discuss the issue.
  10. TreeNut

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    Yes, you are correct in your description. However, our LCO INSISTED that DuPont INSISTED us to be treated as a group, because it was ONE account number. I'm learning that we do not have individual accounts, which I am now seeing is wrong, and I will bring it up to the HOA. We don't even get individual notices on our doors when they have sprayed, so we didn't even know there was a new product being sprayed on our yard or when it was sprayed. It's evident that the LCO stands to gain something here, from this arrangement, because by their doing all the documenting and the claims, they may be assurred of getting the work to remediate the problems, as well as being paid for the both. I am guessing on some of this, but it was never explained clearly, and I never really liked or understood the answers I was getting from the LCO guy or the HOA guy, and I in fact had told them so. It's our stupidity that we listened to them in the first place, but it was all for their convenience. It didn't phase the pres of the HOA either, since he had no damage, yet all the communications were going to him, until I insisted otherwise. Lately, they have reverted back to just going through the HOA--probably because I told them I filed suit. My guess is that DuPont, when they saw my name in print and couldn't find a claim in our name, they decided we had never put one through. Once I communicated to the LCO that I had filed suit (earlier), he probably called DuPont and asked how they would separate these. Then the HOA guy gets a call from DuPont attorneys, probably realizing they had not thought of this, and that they needed to separate "common areas" from individual lots--the pres made it sound like those attorneys were just figuring this out. We stupidly believed what DuPont AND the LCO AND the HOA president told us. Meanwhile, our "claim" had been put on the back burner. Now hopefully we'll get some action through our attorney, but it's frustrating to be called a liar by DuPont. I'm seeing more and more how our LCO is the one who also wronged us, and I blame them too now.

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