Imprelis Discussion - it's damage, Dupont's Claim Process, Lawsuits filed, Experience

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Starbuy, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. cindyb

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    I guess you'all noticed the similiarities in CRA and crap.
  2. jconley

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    Well I overnighted my counter proposal 60 days ago and have heard nothing. Called the Imprelis hotline Monday and was told "there is mo sense in calling, they will get back to you when they do". I signed with a law firm last night. I want to thank everyone that contributes to this forum. I will continue to follow discussion and I hope someday this will just be a bad memory for all of us.
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  3. michiman

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    This definitely appears to be sound advice. I'm not sure it's going to be worth waiting on Dupont much longer. The more I read, the less I feel Dupont will make us a real fair offer. My friend did appear to get a prety reasonable offer but I believe he tried to counter to get the service fee paid directly... hope his offer didn't go to the bottom of the pile also.

    Is Dupont replacing "3" rated white pines and Scot's pines or are they only offering maintenance? I couldn't tell by the one offer I saw because they were all 1,2 or 4 and 5 rated.
  4. michiman

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    Thank you for your response, I have a beautiful 11' to 12' dogwood that has branches that are drooping beyond belief. I couldn't figure out why I was pushing the braches out of my way last year as I cut the lawn. This year they have probably drooped another foot or two and the leaves look real badly cupped. The Davey arborist (Read: tree trimmer) that came out said what I was witnessing was due to weight of the branches. Did he think I couldn't tell the difference of a tree I had on my property for 18 years?

    I have a 5' Japanese maple that I could never aford to replace. Both the dogwwod and this tree were rated "1". It didn't look the same this year and the colors did not show their normal vibrant fall colors or last fall. The foliage was nowhere near as full as normal and the spring leaves did not break out normally.

    I originally thought Dupont was making a real effort to make things right but now, from all my reading, it appears they have taken a new approach.
  5. michiman

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    I'm close to you(Brighton/Hamburg). I have the feeling I am going to have to resort to the attorney route myself if my case remains in the "final stages" for any length of time. Not sure what Michigan''s statute of limitations is on these cases but I don't plan on waiting much longer... especially if I am in line for a minimal offer of maintenance only. I'd be curious who you end up contacting and what they have to say.

    My old neighbor and his wife are local attorneys. Roger Meyers who bought and has an office in the old Howell mansion. I believe he does a lot of real estate/zoning type work but I thought I might call him and see if he has a recommendation for me.
  6. redcabo7

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    Michiman - I live in Howell...old Howell mansion right around the corner. Have an email out to a friend who lives local, has a local business and has quite a bit of contacts in his rolodex. I'll keep you posted.
  7. rosewater

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    Michiman and Redcabo7--I gave Dupont 30 days (same as they requested from me in my CRA) which ends November 12. Steven Williams, Manager Claims Resolution, signed my CRA. I called him today and requested he check the status of my claim with Epiq to ensure they are moving along with a reply. I am tired of using my time and energy to solve their problem and I am ready to retain a lawyer. Please let me know what your thoughts are about legal representation. Thanks
  8. redcabo7

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    I just talked to a lawyer in Livingston County MI (Howell). This lawyer came highly recommended by my friend in my previous post. Ironically this same lawyer represented me years back and won my case. Good thing is he remembered me and small talk was the beginning of the conversation but when he heard DuPont he was drawn in quick.

    He doesn't work with large groups as this potentially could be but he does work very close with a local lawyer who represents groups on consumer lemon law, etc. This lawyer has sued big companies (eg. Time Magazine) and won.

    I am getting the process rolling by sending all the information to this individual so he can begin the research. He wants to make sure he understands what is going on before he provides me with "what's next". I should hear back from him early next week.

    I need to know how many people in Michigan that are on this blog and know friends and family with issues want to be a part of this lawsuit. As this lawyer states, DuPont is not going to give homeowners the respect they will give a group/class action lawsuit.

    Reply to my post so I can begin to keep tally. When I have more information I will post. If you have an arborist you worked with, contact them and have them reach out to their clients to let them know about this blog and that Michigan is beginning to fight against DuPont. Let's stop this once and for all!
  9. michiman

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    Did he hasppen to mention how long we have to file a suit? My home is part of a site condo, individual homes but common areas. My association was harmed from the applications made on our lot. One 25'-30' white pine with damage that Davey would have rated a "3" just like the ones on my property. I believe the association started a claim with Dupont after I alerted them. I'd have to see if they might be interested in being a party to any group lawsuit should the opportunity present itself.
  10. anyway

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    i have given dupont until nov 1st to get me a claims resolution agreement,so far they have called me 2 times last week and promised it will be here by then,i will not be contacting them anymore and if i do not recieve it on the 1st i will definetly be looking to retaining a lawyer,is he doing as a class action?or on individual cases?after hearing how davey tree took 6 months to turn in my paperwork to dupont wich held up my agreement i wonder if they can be included as well and my lco for putting imprelis in my yard?? i will pm you on friday the 2nd if nothing shows up.....i am tired of waiting and ready to get the ball rolling,i have made dupont fully aware of my intentions if cra is not recieved by the 1st thanks for the update!!!

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