Imprelis Discussion - it's damage, Dupont's Claim Process, Lawsuits filed, Experience

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Starbuy, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Lawnguy8478

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    Of the 68 claims I submitted to Dupont, anything marked a 3 or worse was offered replacement. However, many trees that had an initial rating of 1/2 have worsened to a 3 or worse. also, LCO's have now pretty much been removed from this entire process from Dupont. LCO's can't even submit new claims like we did back in the summer of '11.
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    Our Norway Spruces grew a little, but not from the terminal bud, as they are supposed to. Instead several shoots came out just below it, in all directions. It's like it has been cut on it's ends. And there is no one 'leader' at the top now--I'm told I could "train" a new one, but I've had no solid advice about that. Even though 'maintenance' could be recommended, shouldn't the maintenance have started a long time ago? We'll probably end up with an unintended "Fat Albert" Norway if we do nothing....
  3. michiman

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    Very interesting bit of info, thanks.

    Dragging this out and watching individual suits pile up along with the uncertainty can't be doing the company any good either - this has to be a drag on both the bottom line and the stock price.
  4. PapaD

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    Lawnguy, thank you for that information. As I said before, we have a lot of trees that are rated 3, so if the CRA includes replacement of those, it will increase the DuPont offer significantly. It still remains to be seen whether or not we will agree to accept all the terms and conditions in the CRA, but it will give us a lot to consider.
  5. michiman

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    It's also possible Dupont has heard claimants loud and clear, it's my understanding that they DID (in at least one instance) accept a rebuttal offer some time within the past week or two and WILL pay removal directly to a homeowner. This sounds like the break many might be looking for. Hopefully Dupont is beginning to get the idea this is really important to claimants and if they want to start to clear the backlog of claims, this may go a long way to close out some settlements. This, along with the hope that they will offer replacement on my largest trees rated three and above would make me take a serious look at any CRA... otherwise I will be guaranteed of having to go through the courts which I am certainly not looking forward to.
  6. rosewater

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    I get angry every time I go into my backyard. Winter is approaching; I have two decent, small spruce (both have Imprelis damage) but the rest are gone or going. I am an avid birder and the loss of all my mature conifers(35'-45') have left little winter shelter for the many birds that visit my feeders and heated bird baths. I hope the ongoing Imprelis litigation drains Dupont dry.
  7. redcabo7

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    My 60 days $$$ in my hand came and went on 10/30. Waiting to hear back from the lawyer but have not discussed the case with them.

    Got a call today from a DuPont rep wanting an arborist to look at the trees again due to my rejection. What do I have to lose. Let's see what they have to say and I'll circle back around to the lawyer on a given date should I need to. The question I am asking myself is "When are they going to give me the next packet?" I'm thinking positive...
  8. rosewater

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    I gave them 30 days to reply to my disputed CRA but I knew I wasn't going to hear from them...on day 31 I signed the attorney retainer. They are just trying to wear you down and hope you GO away. My consolation is Dupont now has to spend a few more bucks discussing the issue with my attorney. A small thorn but none the less a thorn....
  9. michiman

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    I'm sure all of these cases are not handled exactly in the same manner or time frame, but the one rebuttal offer I am aware of was responded to in just over 2 months. Dupont did add the service amount into the offer and allowed the homeowner to use their own removal service. Hoping your offer is directly forth-coming.

    As for my own claim, I tried to call Dupont yesterday and found out little has progressed in the past 30 days - still in "final stages". Whoopie!
  10. Starbuy

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    No outdoor Christmas lights for us this year. First of all, Imprelis damaged dried up limbs could be a real fire hazard, secondly who would decorate something like that except Charlie Brown. Even if I try placing lights on other things around the house or on the house it just draws attention to the toxic dump. But, I will find other things to be thankful for. I'm thankful we're closer to real resolution on this matter than we were last year. I'm thankful I've got attorneys working on this. I'm thankful our nation and state still have laws to protect the little guy. I'm thankful for those in law enforcement who dedicate their lives to righting wrongs and protecting people. I'm thankful for everyone who has contributed to this forum thread which has taught me a lot.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving this week!

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