Imprelis Discussion - it's damage, Dupont's Claim Process, Lawsuits filed, Experience

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    Do not apply directly to water, or to areas where
    surface water is present, or to intertidal areas below the
    mean high water mark. Do not contaminate water
    when disposing of equipment washwaters or rinsate.

    Surface water advisory:
    This product may impact surface water quality due
    to runoff of rain water. This is especially true for
    poorly draining soils and soils with shallow ground
    water. This product is classified as having high
    potential for reaching surface water via runoff for
    several months after application.
    A level, wellmaintained
    vegetative buffer strip between areas to
    which this product is applied and surface water
    features such as ponds, streams, and springs will
    reduce the potential loading of aminocyclopyrachlor
    from runoff water and sediment. Runoff of
    this product will be reduced by avoiding applications
    when rainfall is forecasted to occur within 48

    Groundwater advisory:
    Aminocyclopyrachlor has properties and characteristics
    associated with chemicals detected in ground
    water. This chemical may leach into ground water
    if used in areas where soils are permeable, particularly
    where the water table is shallow.
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    This pretty much describes my trees:

    IMPRELIS™ herbicide is quickly taken up by the leaves,
    stems and roots of plants. IMPRELIS™ herbicide has
    excellent soil activity. The effects of IMPRELIS™
    herbicide may be seen on weeds from within a few hours to
    a few days after application. The most noticeable symptom
    is a bending and twisting of stems and leaves. Other
    advanced symptoms include severe necrosis, stem thickening,
    growth stunting, leaf crinkling, calloused stems and
    leaf veins, leaf-cupping, and enlarged roots. Complete death
    of the weeds may require four to six weeks.
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    never mind, I'll pm
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    Q. Will DuPont provide a warranty for the replacement trees? How does it work?

    A. DuPont warrants against any damage to any tree on Owner’s property (including replacement trees) caused by Imprelis® until December 31, 2013, or in the case of replacement trees, until a date two years after the date of planting.

    Think we'll see a compensation plan before then? Will it be extended?
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    Another Dupont offer made public and this one was accepted by city officials for damage to their golf course trees:

    They had 5 that need replaced and received $36,000 + $4200 removal comp = $40,200 total (5 trees valued $29,000 + $5275 additional "trouble" compensation + $1169 for care of lesser damaged 4 trees + $4,200 (separate figure for removal not in news report - find out on my own). They also reported they'll receive care for new plantings and warranty. They accepted first offer, council didn't want to bother with getting better offer and just settled.
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    When/if EPA takes Dupont to court the damages/fine/compensation they collect should mostly go toward all those affected by Imprelis, all the LCOs that used it and all the property owners (personal, city, private, companies, golf courses) instead of all those affected only getting what they can get from their own settlements. But, as we all know that money the EPA will get will just go into the govenment abyss instead of those who really deserve it. All those affected would use that money far better since EPA can't seem to do it's job anyhow of protecting us from these products. They failed, so they should give that money to those who got hurt from their lack of EPA proper testing. What do we have to do, sue EPA to get that money? I hope a wise judge rules in such a way to benefit the true victims.
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    any idea of size?

    I hope so too
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    The whole imprellis thing sucks and I really feel u for regular posters with serious damages.

    The pictures cindyb posted of the new Growth that is distorting is really interesting. I Defenitley understand your anger about this product and the damage it caused through no fault of your own.

    Sometimes it sounds like you are getting somewhat carried away describing your site a toxic waste dump and doubting the ability of your ground to support life ever again. I understand .why you feel that way.

    I've personally spoken to Ohio state researchers who tested the product for several years and said they tried to kill trees with it and are as shocked as anyone with the problems.

    Keep in mind most properties that were treated with spruce trees and all kinds of other stuff showed no damage. I sprayed hundreds of lawns and used
    several gallons and to date only had damage on two properties. The trees affected on those properties need replaced but are putting on normal new
    buds. Other trees in the area on other properties (not my customers) appear the same.

    I sprayed areas of my lawn last fall at a heavy rate including around trees that I didn't care about with no negative side effects. Imprellis was used for an entire season in 2010 in test markets with no issue.

    I know your property looks like hell and I hope you get reimbursed nicely from dupont. I just wanted to encourage you to keep your chin up, your property will recover - imprellis will not live in the soil forever. It was an unfortunate thing that happened but it isnt toxic dibilitating sludge that will forever ruin your property and everything that tries to grow there. The sun will come up tomorrow.
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    I'm glad you're feeling optimistic. I wish the Dupont rep I spoke to was as optimistic about the soil at my property, but they did not have confidence that I would be successful in planting any evergreen in the same privacy hedge area due to the satuation and longevity of Imprelis in my particular case. Could be that the dissipation for my soil is constricted due to hardscape next to it, but not sure. Seems the stuff, which migrated from neighbors uphill lawn had no place to go but into the tree roots. dupont actually recommended I not plant and even had the gall to suggest I just grind down the stumps and leave it be, which would ruin my property privacy. My neighborhood does not allow privacy fences, only iron fences or for privacy, tall evergreens. Still no weeds growing in the lawn or in tree beds. Amazingly affective weed preventer. Too bad it kills trees in certain landscape conditions.

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