Imprelis is bad for Spruce and other trees

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Airborne Toxic, Jun 1, 2011.

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    Still, not buying all this hoopla yet.
    If there are applicator error issues then those need to come out.

    No way applying 1/4 gal/K low volume with a ride on is going to kill mature pines through root uptake. With a handgun and all that volume, who knows...
  2. mdlwn1

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    The volume means's the ai per k.
  3. grassman177

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    that is true, it is about ai
  4. Grassworks Inc.

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    There is an Imprelis treated site close to here with 450 dying Norway Spruces. No way that is applicator error. Thankfully not one of my sites.
  5. Grassworks Inc.

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    Once it rains, what difference does volume make?
  6. garydale

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    Lawn treated 04/25/2011
    Experieced licensed operator with 15 years on job.
    Pathfinder machine.
    No wind however we had 5 inches of rain over two week period after treatment.
    We have treated cover 500 lawns. so we are on the lookout for more damage.
    Nothing found yet and no phone calls.





  7. djagusch

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    That's ugly.
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  8. propositionjoe

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    You're absolutely right -- all these comments about spray volume totally miss the point. Imprelis is a soil herbicide, closely related to products like picloram. It's active in the soil at very low rates, and there are warnings very clearly laid out on the label about its propensity to move into groundwater, and the need to avoid spraying inside the drip line of trees. My guess: the heavy rain after application moved the Imprelis into the root system before it had metabolized in the soil, so the trees essentially got a big dose of product right to their roots.

    This is why, in a nutshell, residual broadleaf herbicides have been so few and far between in T&O -- just too much risk of something like this happening.
  9. Grassworks Inc.

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    I'm looking on the label on the jug of Imprelis I bought earlier this spring. Nowhere does it say to avoid spraying under the dripline of trees or shrubs. It does say "particular care must be taken within the dripline of trees and shrubs" and "do not apply to exposed roots of trees and shrubs".
    My guess is DuPont will come out with a revised label very soon if they haven't already. I do know they are very aware of what's going on.
  10. White Gardens

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    Yes, yes they are.

    I'm anxious to see a press release about the issue.

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