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    I got a sample of soil from under probably imprellis-killed tree. I planted some seed in it indoors in containers to see if any residual effects would affect plants planted in the area. I used bean seed, marigold, grass and tomato. I planted the same in some commercial topsoil, as untreated control. After 12 days all the seed had sprouted.

    However germination was poor on the soil sample collected under the dead tree. This was possibly due to the very hard and dense nature of the soil, a sandy clay loam.
    The potentially affected soil was in the front row in the photograph, in the green containers.

    The soil still supports plant growth. I am not sure if the dense nature of the soil or some other reason reduced the germination and sprouting.

    Grass seed sprouted fine--not shown.

  2. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Interesting to say the least.
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    very cool, and maybe that is a good sign>?
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    You may find that the seed germinates but the overall health of the plant long term will suffer. Im interested in seeing the results over a few weeks. I dont know much...if anything about Imprellis but I had read about the damage it causes to trees and other plants.

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    great test :)
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    And...I collected a cone from under a spruce tree and popped out the seed. I planted 5 seeds in the same indoors (unless weather was warm) pot as the bean plant that had sprouted in a sample of Imprelis treated soil, a few weeks earlier. I planted 10 spruce seeds in potting soil for comparison--but this was completed about a week later.
    After 23 days, one spruce seed had germinated in the Imprelis treated soil, and the new seedling was 1.2 inches tall.
    See photo.

  7. cindyb

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    any new pictures?
  8. RigglePLC

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    Sorry, Cindy. No new photographs, but after the Feb 17th planting in soil from under an Imprelis-killed tree, tomatoes, beans, marigolds, spruce and grass grew satisfactory. The bean plant had produced a small bean pod. I ended the test at 96 days. I cut down the new seedlings and discarded. But saved the soil. I left the grass and tiny spruce tree standing, but at times I forgot to water it with the rain water I had saved. It still looks mostly OK.
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    Lawnsite member AIRCORP, who's a scientist doing research on Imprelis, mentioned over in the large Homeowner's thread that he's still finding it in soil and even in areas where they've tried to plant grass seed, after a lawn was tore up in the tree removal process, that the seeds did germinate but then later showed signs of damage. He is warning everyone to be aware of very likely progression of damage to trees, roses, shrubs this summer that were not even part of Dupont's initial site visits. Damage is occuring at the roots, but most site visits were done only visually looking at the canopy, so more death has come and is coming to some plants this summer. He's listed a number of other plants that are being affected by Imprelis.
    See starting on page 17 of thread:
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    I went ahead and stuck a few tomato plants in the garden to see what they will do. Might be the transplant shock but they aren't looking great, one in the back is curling. Will get the some pictures up.

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