Imprellis: What will it do to our industry

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by sprayboy, Jun 14, 2011.

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    During this past week, we received several phone calls from customers asking if we used Imprellis. (thank God we have not) Seems the Imprellis news has become widespread just recently instead of many weeks ago when members first began reporting damage. (thanks lawnsite members) :usflag:

    Earlier this past week, a West Des Moines, IA customer who asked about it said he just got a call from Ohio (he owns a homeowners' association there) The president of the HOA said nearly 100 trees were severely damaged by Imprellis. Our customer said he was flying out there this weekend to inspect the he really needs problems like this. :hammerhead:

    Yesterday I received an email from It's a law firm out of Chicago who is interested in a possible class action suit vs Dupont. If anybody is interested, just ask for Adam. my 2 cents
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    i got the same email too larry, waiting on this one though, no need to bring them in if dupont steps up.

    we jsut got done filling out the report for dupont and sent it in as to what trees were damaged, how many, and how many the customers wants we will see where this goes, as this is supposed to be followed by the investigative team onsite.

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