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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KirbysLawn, Jul 13, 2000.

  1. KirbysLawn

    KirbysLawn Millenium Member
    Messages: 3,485

    In case some of you didn't know, Lesco sells different materials for lawn services. They are full color and include, door hangers, mail stuffers, brocures, and more. They have free sample packs, call 1-800-321-5325 to order or ask your local service center. The item number for the Southern Sample Kit is 051128.<p>Also a company called Focal Point Communications makes VERY professional newsletters, flyers, postcards, and more. These are not cheap, but are the best looking I've seen yet. Their number is 1-800-525-6999 for a catalog.<p>Hope this helps someone.<p>----------<br>Ray Kirby - Kirby's Cuttin' Edge Lawn Maintenance<br>Home Page, My Truck, Lawn Photos

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