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  1. Sean Adams

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    This is a very important question. In the forum announcement, I announced that effective today I will be taking over where Chuck left off in regard to ownership and operation of and

    I want to know everyone's opinion about what improvements and changes could/should be made to this site.

    It is your community, and I beleive it is important to know what everyone thinks. There are a lot of changes and exciting new additions that are going to be made very soon.

    Let me know what you think everyone....

    I'm all ears....
  2. khouse

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    For some reason when Lawnsite sends me an email saying there has been a response - the address isn't a hyper link. Other addresses come to me as hyper links but not from Lawnsite. I have to copy and paste the link. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Other than that Lawnsite is a really nice place.
    Thanks, Kenny
  3. Is there a way to add a message in the reply area reminding posters to add make, model and year information when asking for repair/trouble shooting help?

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