In a situation Need advise!


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Ok so I have some customers from SouthEast Asia, not going to name the country but you can guess which one. Quick clue the country has 1.7 billion people and a little over 300,000 toilets. lol Anyways I ran a 10 inch drainage ditch for them put some soil over it and seeded it. They wanted more soil so I added 4 yards of soil and reseeded it. A week later, in September, it rained and washed out about 1 to 1.5 yards of soil. I added more soil. Then at the end of the month I billed them for the job. I discounted the price to 65 a yard for installing the soil which I paid 30 a yard for. I received payment minus the soil job saying they wanted to revisit it. Every bill since then has been the same way. So today I told her I can't continue service until paid. Shes still trying to talk me down. I won't budge. Any ideas or advice.


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Expensive lesson. Next time get a written agreement. With a washout or weather damage clause. (You don't have to pay for weather events). Bill sooner. Take half the payment when the job is half-done. Full payment when the job is complete. Make it clear that they do not own the dirt, plants or seed that you supplied until it is paid for, and that you have the right to take back the dirt and plants if not paid for as agreed.

You can always get some kind of reputation report relative to their paying their bills prior to doing business with them--probably cost you money. Or just stop the paper boy to ask if their newspaper is paid up to date. Ask the guy that plows their snow. Ask the guy that mows their grass. Picks up their trash. These people are not supposed to tell you of course. But grease their palm. Just ask them to grin if bill is paid up and scowl if not.

I sounds like you didn't do the job right to start with, if it needed 4 additional yards of soil. Perhaps your agreement was too vague.