In Between Lawns dying and leaf Removal

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by HHlandscaping, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. HHlandscaping

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    After the snow storm we had about two 3 weeks ago business has been slow, the lawns have stop growing and all the leaves are still on the trees. People are calling saying they want the leaves done but want to wait until they are all down. Is anyone else in this same boat?
  2. Darryl G

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    I just do the leaves anyway and tell them I'll do a touch-up if necessary. I can't be sitting around waiting for them to drop 100%.
  3. HHlandscaping

    HHlandscaping LawnSite Member
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    yea thats kinda what I have been doing but some people are trying to save money and wait.
  4. lawnkingforever

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    Ditto. The days are getting shorter and the weather is not as corporative as we get into December. I have a few cleanups left and two days worth of mowing to get done and the season is a wrap. Whatever is not done gets scheduled first thing when the weather breaks in march. The off season seems so short anymore, that there is no way I am running around in sub freezing temps trying to finish up cleanups. My customers know that the season is winding down and would not have me wait so long for a cleanup. I have been running since mid march and will be glad to put the mowers away. Do some hunting, the holiday thing, Florida for a couple weeks and back at it. Man, the off season goes quick as I get older.
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  5. GreenI.A.

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    The leaves should be falling there soon. They are finally off the trees for the most part in Boston and southern MA. I would assume you guys can't be more than 1-2 weeks ops behind us. Today was warm put the last couple days have been heavy sweatshirt/jacket weather, that finally knocked them off.

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