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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Mar 1, 2005.

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    is this statement accurate?: "if you own a truck, and the truck is used for grass cutting 9 months a year, and used/or on reserve for snow removel for threee months a year, then 25% of the cost of that vehicle should be considered a snow removel expense, while 75% of the same vehicle is a grasscutting expense." is this correct? i'm trying to help a friend figure out exactly what it cost him to do snow removel, he seems to think the truck should not be considered an expense, because he owns it already for grass cutting, and anything he earns after the 9 month season, is pure "gravy". i say if you think like that, you are kidding yourself. it's important to know what is cost you per season(9 months) to cut grass, and what it costs per season (3 months) to remove, or be on standby to remove snow. this is not counting snow blowers, shovels, clothing, fuel, etc...just the truck. oh, and for those of you with the "time is money" mentality, what's it costing to keep you on standby for 3 months a year? opinions please
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    I'm with you if only because he has to replace the truck at some point even if it's paid for. Of course, this kinda suggests a set-aside each month toward the next set of wheels, something I suspect few of us do. At present, I don't.

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