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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by dtelawncare, Apr 17, 2006.

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    Last year I didn't have any poos to cut around. Bagging takes care of the clipping while cutting, but what about edging. Edging make a lot of dust in the air. I bought one of the manual edgers, but it doesn't make the grade. Will the manual work a lot better if I sharpen the tines? Please let me in on some methods that work.. Cusomer is very picky about the pool. I do understand why.
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    The way I handled that problem was I asked the home owner to leave out the pool net and cleaned it right after I was through trimming so most of the grass does not sink to the bottom.
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    I thought about that, but this cusotmer works out of town and is away a few days at a time so that won't work.
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    Learn how the pool works. If it’s a simple intermatic timer, than simply throw the switch to on. If it’s an Aqualink or Compool, etc. there will be a service and time out button, turn it to time out and it’ll run for 3 hours. Turn the cleaner on, if there is one, only when the main filter pump is running. Send me a pm and i'll try to help

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