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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by doug1980, Jan 22, 2014.

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    Anyone do this for your ID Card holders? The larger my company gets the more expensive and the harder it is to send them to all to get their 2 Core CEU's. Any tips or advice on how to get this started?
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    Contact Terry Montgomery with the BEPC. Terry is in charge of CEU Providers. He approves your program one time and gives you permission to give that class as many times as you want for one year.

    The State has a special format they want you to presents your CEU course. This form is fairly universal and used by other states also. I have actually used a copied Penn State CEU program changing very little it to fit Florida horticulture. Save your paper work from any CEU course you have taken. That format is how you should present your program.

    Once your program is approved, you will be given a pass word to the States CEU provider's Website. You then post the date of any classes you give etc.

    Classes given in a Classroom are credited hour per hour. However Field trip or outside classes in the field are credited at 1/2 hour per hour.

    PS it has been a few years since I gave any CEU classes or taught college. Therefore Joe Parker might be doing the CEU Providers now. Both Terry and Joe have written the CPO Tests.

  3. doug1980

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    Thanks Ric. As always you're full of great info.

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