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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by sunflowerstarr, Mar 28, 2006.

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    Hi everyone, I am here on behalf of a friend. Their family has had a wholesale nursery business for the past 21 years. Unfortunately they are having to sell but are looking into creating a landscaping business. I offered to help find information for them on starting one. Can anyone offer any general tips for starting a landscaping business? We need to know what kinda statistics are out there as far as success rates and what (in addition to the normal business material) is needed, any software that is recommended for help in design or blueprinting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone has any messengers and would like to hold a conversation on there that would be nice. Just contact me on here and we can set up a time. Thank you.
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  3. sunflowerstarr

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    thanks lol unfortunately i knew that one. my friends also taking a small business class. didnt know if there were more that would also be helpful. but thanks :)
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    I have actually heard that its much less than that for a failure rate but who knows what to believe because apparently I have heard from 5% to 95% failure rates;) . Actually most business failures are due to inexperience and/or lack of organization. Im also just starting out in landscaping and I hae found these forums to have a lot of info. So start reading. Good luck
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    thanks jbone. they already have a good lawyer and accountant for their current business(about to go on the market) so hopefully he can also give us some pointers.
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    Could they convert the wholesale nursery to retail, or expand to a wholesale/retail mix? It would really be nice to have the retail storefront to drive customers to your future landscape business.

    If they are going into landscape construction only, it takes time develop a steady stream of clientele. Without the steady flow of business, it's hard &/or expensive to keep good crews around. So you may have to keep an open mind about taking on some maintenance work to give you a revenue platform to work off of while the landscape construction side of the business develops.

    You don't have to buy design software, in fact we found our customers prefer the traditional hand-drawn plans. This just method just works well the higher end clientele we deal with. If I was cranking out a lot of large commercial installation plans - then I would probably look at some software.

    Get a good accounting software, without a formal business background, you may want to look at some user friendly applications - i.e. Quickbooks Pro
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    Well a few years ago they sold a little bit of their land to another person who was wanting to do retail sales. A condition of the sale is that they have a no competition policy. IF the business were to stay around another few years then they would be allowed to sell retail again but at this point there is no way they can hold on long enough for that.

    I asked about the software mainly because no one currently has any experience with hand drawing plans. We werent sure if we would need blueprints to show or anything. Not sure exactly what the customers are expecting.

    They do want to do traditional maintence stuff. They wanna start out with lawn care basics and landscape designing then eventually branch out. That way they dont need to do much hiring right at the start. We know thats not a good idea to hire too much too start. It would most likely be the people starting the business that does the initial work and if things take off and they find they both have a need for more employees and can afford to have them then they will slowly branch out.

    Thanks and keep the tips coming :)

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