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    This is my first year in business and as of now I offer mostly mow and blow accounts with occasional flowerbed/mulch/odd jobs. My goal for this year is $20,000.00 which I think is reasonable with hard work. As of now I have 8 accounts at $885.00 a month. To reach my goal I will have to get a total of 36(based on my average cost) to pull in $20k for the year. My goals for my second year is $30-$35k. Gaining 36 "serious" customers in one year is not that likely so I need to have another serious form of income for the time being. When people first start off in the business, I know they find enough work to get the income they need. Im sure some might be PITA's but everyone has done there fare share of these types of jobs for income just to get by.
    Question #1- What type of work did you do, and how did you obtain the work? I was thinking about 2000 business cards mailed in increments of 50 to different real estate agents.
    Question #2- When you first started targeting SMALL commercial accounts, or when you started cold calls or cold visits, what did you bring prepared to get the job? What speech do you give? Were your prices negotiable when you didnt get the job or did you stand firm on your cost? What are the main thing these companies/businesses want to see on paperwork or want to hear from you before you are even considered?

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