In Need of Help for Large Contract Pricing Estimate

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by homefixitman, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. grandview (2006)

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    Ok, but I will assume he doesn't have it,because if he did then he would have a idea on how fast you can mow with the right equipment. I would like to know though,is this a commercial property or govt job?
  2. The Grounds Crew

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    I agree with you I just don't like it when people assume things. Maybe he has the equipment and this is his first large property. It could be a great opportunity and something he will learn a lot from if he gets the job. But that would be one large commercial job and I know for large gov't jobs like those you can actually rent the equipment. It seems that it will neeed a tractor.
  3. Duekster

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    When the OP said 45 min per AC was kind of a clue. That is 50 to 60" eq.

    $55 per man hour is often 1 or 2 man operations.

    I have seen highway ROW's go for $15.00 an AC.

    Just saying. Grandview's instincts are likely spot on.
  4. homefixitman

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    Thanks for all the great discussion and for giving me much to think about. Answer on equipment on this scale is no, don't have it yet. However, budget wise, knowing how gov contracts work (just retired from military and know the contracting business a little anyway) I can build much into the bid. But, as you say, if I want to win I have to play with the big boys that may already have all the equipment on hand. Much will be open space, especially the semi-improved areas (close to runways on airfield). Rest will be around office buildings and open space (parks). Dont have many details as yet and Im digging to find out the total annual contract for the previous contract 5 years ago.

    I like the idea of initially renting (and or buying used as well). Heck, If I win the contract, likely the person who had it before will have loads of equipment to unload as well (course dont want to buy his/her junk either).
  5. LawnMastersTN

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    my first "big job", or at least big to me then, was a cabin rental company. Had 20 cabins plus to office. total acres were 125 that had to be mowed. I only had a 36 and 48 belt walk behind at the time and one weedeater and blower. I bid the job as if I already had the equiptment and didnt make much off of it the first year becasue all the money I was supposed to be making went to 61 Turf Tiger and 52 Hydro walk behind and more finish equiptment. But the next year I was "in like flint". Some people on here will think what I did was dumb but I made the choice to make the choice to invest my time in expanding that way. Everyone will have a different opinion on this subject as there are many ways to get to where you are wanting to be. I always just made a "pros and cons" list and see where you want to go. Good luck on your bid.

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