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In need of some HELP


LawnSite Member
Glen Cove,Ny
Ok...here what happened I'm gunna keep it as short as possible.
I started working with my ol'man(father) in the landscaping/construction business (family owned and operated). i was working wit him for and 4 years.

Around the summer 05 my father suffered a mini stroke and the doctors told him to take it easy and relax. well old school Italian men don't know how to so he just went about his business working even harder. so this year the business was not doing to good show he went down to VA to work wit my uncle in Feb. I get a call from him telling me that i have to start my own corp and get ins and the whole nine which is fine BC I'm not gunna do it the wrong way, so now hes down there and im trying to build this up. Ihave about 25 accounts from when we were together and i wanna get a ton more im a worker i love doing what im doing if i could i would do it all night to.

BUt see now heres the thing i sent out about 400 fliers and i have yet to recive one call back from anyone of those fliers which is starting to worry me. i don't wanna have to shut down the new bussiness and work for someone else bc i like being my own boss and controlling the reins my self.

so if u guys have any suggestions please let me know ..

P.S. the ol'man thinks that i cant do it on my own and this is the only want to prove him wrong bc i know im not gunna make my self fail at this ..

Thanks Guys


LawnSite Fanatic
Yeah you'll be fine but think of doing 200 flyers / day or so until you can't see straight, you'll really want to distribute a minimum of 4,000 and go from there, 20-40k flyers is not that unusual.

Sorry I know that's gotta hit like a ton of bricks, but the response rate is just poor like that, maybe a newspaper ad would be more cost effective.

Nathan Robinson

LawnSite Senior Member
flyers are junk. Get door hangers made up. Its cheap and better effective. Everybody and there mom has flyers. That was the way to get lawns 10 years ago. Go to www.plan-itgraphics.com and talk to Bob. He will get yuo the material you need. You have insurance yet? here is the provider to the best prices that I have seen yet.1-866-505-5700
812-589-1772 personal cell (cingular)
Shepherd Insurance Group
Ask for Quinn Shepherd
You can e-mail him asking for a quote at qshepherd@shepherdins.com


LawnSite Senior Member
Portland, Maine
Flyers have a return rate of less then 2%, so if you're lucky 400 flyers would get you 8 accounts. I target people where I already have customers, the more your in 1 neighborhood the less time you spend on gas and drive time. Go door to door around dinner time targeting people who look like they either need service or can afford it if you make a good first impression maybe you get the job. A free mow for a referal is an incentive for your customers to spread your name.