In need of vendors for truck terminals all across the U.S. and parts of Canada

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    We are starting our annual process of reviewing last years contracts and getting new bids for several of our truck terminals. When we take a bid we look for the following

    1) we want a flat monthly rate - determine your annual mowing account price and divide by the number of operating months.
    A. Include spring / fall clean up, trimming of necessary trees 1 in the spring and 1 time in the fall, cut 2x per month (on average: you may cut 3x per month in spring, but 1x per month in summer, depending on weather).
    2) We are not looking to have the highest possible quality of service on these properties - they are truck terminals

    If this sounds like something you might be interested in taking a look at, send me a PM with the region you serve (tell me the bigger cities, because that is where our terminals are going to be located). If we have anything in your area, you will hear back from me. If we have nothing in your area, you will not hear from me.

    P.S. you will only get paid for the work that we request; dont waste your time trying to sell us power washing or fert apps, or mulch....ETC.. AGAIN, these are truck terminals.

    The company pays notoriously late, but you will get paid. (usually give it 30 days) If you cannot float 1 month of expenses on these properties - don't waste our time. We are hurting just like everyone else, so the most reasonable bid wins. (I know you get what you pay for, and if it is not blatently obvious from above - WE KNOW, and are ok with that)
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    Hey I stay in the St.louis southwest Illinois area and I'm open to make a bid I can b reached at 314 769 6251
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    Thank you all for the PM's and replies to this post. We are beginning to move forward with the bidding process. We are finalizing a few pages of our bidding packet that will be sent to our terminal managers. I plan on sending the packet to our terminal managers on Monday. Starting early next week, I will begin sorting through PMs to reply with the contact information of the terminal manager you will work with. If you do not recieve a PM, we don't have any properties in your area - thanks anyway. When you do get the contact information, we ask that you contact the terminal manager to set up a "walk-through" and return your final bid quickly. I look forward to helping any/everyone out that I can land these contracts.

    Good luck to all this season.


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