In our industry could we get carbon credits

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    I haul a lot of grass away. I found that the dry grass contain 7000 BTUs per lb. and in our area we haul away about 10,000 lbs per acre dry per year. If we hauled it to a processor for burning in a power station this would be a renewable fuel that would take the place of coal. Could we be entitled to carbon credits if it's passed? In my investigation I found out that if we just mulch the grass into the lawn it decomposes into CO2 and Methane. Methane is a real bad greenhouse gas 25 times worse than CO2. 10,000 lbs at 7000 Btu is 70,000,000 BTUs and a barrel of crude is 8,600,000 Btu so an acre will produce about the equivalent of 8 barrels of crude oil in energy per year. What do you think? Is there a business opportunity here?

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