In praise of Old Trucks

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by tnmtn, Sep 27, 2012.

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    I have 2 old trucks that I use in business that have both been great buys. Especially as the years ad on.
    The first one is a '94 Ford F-350. It has the idi 7.3 diesel with a 5 speed. I have worked this poor truck much harder than I should have and it keeps delivering the goods. Purchase price was below $5000 and yearly maintenance is around $500. It will never win a race but continues to make me money.
    The second old truck I bought is a '79 Chevy C65 gasser. I was able to pay cash and love not having the monthly notes for it. It easily hauls 5 tons with the help of good gearing. Yearly repairs seem to average $500. I can park it for a couple months hop in and go. It has been a great truck.
    The reason I am bringing this up is it seems many are concerned with the newest latest truck and crazy horsepower. I wanted to point out that plenty of money can be made with older trucks in good shape. Maybe the older trucks should be at least considered when expanding a business. I'm sure some others have similar stories and would like to hear them. Maybe pictures wouldn't hurt either.
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    good post, its true!
  3. Mowingman

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    Older trucks are the way to go. Generally easier to maintain, and no monthly payments. A lot less electronics and computer stuff that will, at some point, fail.
    I am using a 1993, Chevy Kodiak, to haul in the wood for my firewood business. It is easy to work on, and paid for.
    Also have an 12 year old Dodge 3500 diesel, for firewood deliveries. Again, easy to work on, and paid for. No more $35,000 - $50,000 trucks for me, when the old iron will get the job done.

    kodiak 4.jpg
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  5. poolboy

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    Yet there's a dude on the picture forum bragging about his $72,000 Dodge 1 ton. Something tells me it's full of bs, however.
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    I see guys all around here pulling trailers full of mowing equipment with high dollar, decked out, 4x4 pickups. What a waste of money. Those 4x4 trucks will probably never be used in 4x4 mode, except for some playtime in the mud. All those fancy bells and whistles do nothing to make the truck do a better job, and those guys are paying $50,000 plus for them.
    I just don't get it. Some kind of ego trip or macho thing I guess.
  7. jbell36

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    i some point, those "great ol' trucks" are going to wear out...also, image means a lot to me, so i'm not going to be rolling around town in a 1989 rusted out truck...and 4x4 is necessary for snow removal, and i hate to say it, but getting stuck behind the shop dumping debris ha...

    you also have to consider the tax benefits of buying a brand new truck, it's not just an ego trip for some guys...

    yes, most of the new higher horsepower and torque is prob not necessary for most of what we do, but there are times when it's nice to have...

    i agree that the newer they get the more **** they have on them therefore the more expensive they are to repair and more to go wrong...

    i have an '08 super duty "decked out." i absolutely love my truck and i feel great about driving it every single day
  8. Mowingman

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    When I mentioned 4x4, I was refering to this area. We rarely ever get snow here, so, no need for a snow plowing rig.
  9. jbell36

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    yeah i figured snow wasn't a primary concern...and texas is also king of everyone owning a badass truck..."you're a lawyer? then you definitely need a king ranch!...what were you thinking with that BMW."

    i guess if u practiced liposuction you could get away with it..."i need a truck that can handle what i do, i pull a lot of weight."
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    i guess its to each his own, but i'm not into buying old used trucks.

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