In praise of Old Trucks

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by tnmtn, Sep 27, 2012.

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    I meant to quote u
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    still rockin my old gmc w5000 (isuzu nrr). i love my old truck. it does the job and fires right up every spring after sitting all winter. ive yet to put new batteries in it and ive been using it 6 years now. they were old when i got it. it doesnt seem to matter how old a truck is as long as it looks presentable and doesnt leave oil everywhere it goes. ive gotten a surprising number of compliments for such an old, ugly truck. its a good one.

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    I agree for the most part, but every once in a while a person gets an absolute LEMON like I did. Ive always been a chevy guy but all you ford guys just kept on and on about these 7.3 diesel trucks so I found a 1 owner OBS ford turbo powerstroke and I could have bought 2 newer reliable Chevy trucks with the repair bills on this hunk of chit. I bought it with 127K miles............ The original owner had receipts for every repair, maint, etc since the day he bought it. He was in his 50's when I bought it.

    Anyways, got it in indiana and on the way home crazy loud noise. Starter bolts backed out and the teeth on the starter were chattering on the flywheel.

    had to buy new starter because ate teeth off starter.

    truck ran fine for about 3K miles then starts missing. 2 new injectors

    right after that repair tranny starts shifting screwy, slamming into 1st gear while driving through town, cant believe it didnt blow it up it reved it so high. Come to find out it was the little sensor on top of the pumpkin on rear end.

    As you all know these OBS trucks have little to no power. My 6.0 chevy gassers would outpull this thing absolutely no problems on hills. Got it chipped and got guages because they were "necessary" per all the diesel guys. This wasnt cheap either!!

    few weeks later shift linkage breaks, leaves me at home depot had it towed. had all the linkage and shifter tube done. None of this was cheap either

    This truck had a tranny put in at 97K miles and went out on me pulling my 16ft enclosed. another 2K dollars.

    Electrical problems out the ass with this thing to. All the time.......

    Trucks shuttering again, had my mechanic hook it up to diagnose, and its another dam injector!!! Were trying a bottle of hotshot before replacing it but its prolly gonna be another 5-600 bucks.....

    Im not gonna go on the I hate ford rant but I will say I have bought 6 gasser chevys and they all make make make money. This ford has taken taken taken. No more fords for this guy.

    I bought this truck with 127k, it now has 138k and ive sank over 8K in garbage to keep this truck on the road. Thats not including the plow and salter on the truck. I paid 6,500 for the thing.

    So add that all up....... Ive got right at 20K in a used 1997 ford that I cant trust to make it to mcdonalds without leaving me somewhere. Ill be buying used but man am i scared of fords now.

    It just goes to show, sometimes you just never know when you can get that lemon no matter what the make..........

    Here is a picture of the lemon. To bad I cant keep it on the road because I like driving it. Just scared it will leave me stranded....... I could have had one hell of a truck for 20K!!!! LOL

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    I had a 97' 7.3 I bought with about the exact millage. The trans went first and then at 174K the thrust bearing started to go and the crank started to walk back and forth in the block. I put a long block reman back in the truck which cost a lot and then sold it because the mechanic goofed up so many things I didn't trust the truck any more. All Cummins powered trucks now.

    I ran my 02' 5.9 to 180K and it it was good for an easy 100K more when I sold it. Even with the extra stress of making over 1000 foot pounds of torque the truck had great longevity.
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    My everyday work truck is my dad's old '84 F150. She just turned over 300k, second motor, a 302, and second trans, 4 speed stick, but she still starts up, most days, and works all day long. I've found that when your first starting out, an old truck and be your best friend or worst enemy. When you have a truck like mine, were everything is old but replaced when it need to be, its sometimes better since you know exactly what you have. The only reason I'm looking into a newer truck is I can have the ability of a 1 ton. I love stile of the old fords but to quote my dad, "They don't make them like they used to, thank god.
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    Put up a picture of an old beverage truck a while ago that I was looking at.


    Here is the new and improved version.


    We carry all of our pipe, tools and attachments, plus the SK650 in it, and do not need to pull a trailer anymore. I still have to organize most of the bays, but its a pretty good start. A porta potty will fit neatly inside a bay, so I plan to buy a used one and not have to rent them anymore. The nice thing about these trucks is that they cut the frame behind the cab and drop it, so you can have a really low deck. This one has a 250 Cat and a 5 speed Allison automatic. We dynamatted the whole interior and added a new Peterbuilt air seat and a bluetooth stereo, so its actually really nice to drive.

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    Martin, I had thought from your orginal posts on the truck you were going to pull the beverage bed off and replace it. but looking at these pics it looks good. basically a giant service bed. good job thinking outside the box.
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    The newest vehicle I have is my 2001 GMC 2500HD and I got that in a trade for my old Ford work van I used to use for contracting. I would have loved to buy a new truck but... I dont have the money, Its a work truck and will get scratched and dented, and I cant work on these new trucks even my 2001. My son bought a 94 Ram 2500 and I love it more than my GMC. We have been working on it since day one, and it will be in the fleet till it completely rusts out. I just love older vehicles. Plus its nice to not have another loan hanging over your head
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    My newest rig is an 01 F250 crew short bed diesel 4x4, 168k on it. All the work trucks are 96 Fords with 7.3's and 4x4, one is an f350 and two are 250's. I have tossed around the idea of a new truck now and then but for me it comes to this. I can work on most things on the 7.3s they are fairly simple with any basic diesel mechanical knowledge, as a general rule they are very reliable, my oldest one has 275k miles, will easy go over 300k, they hold their value insanely well and I would rather have an older truck that gets er done with no payment and money in the bank any day over a new pickup. Have I had junk ones in the past, sure, but across the board the 7.3 fords have done way more than I could ever have wanted them to and keep on going. I have always said that a new pickup won't make any more money than an old pickup, and until I find out I can charge more for snow removal or hauling just because I have a new truck, I will have a hard time thinking different.
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    Guy's with $50,000 truck's have to work all the time. As long as you keep the old truck's looking good, there's nothing wrong with them.

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