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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tipp, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. tipp

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    I have had a small mowing business for almost 4 years now. I have a 3 acre property of my own and about 15 or 16 lawns that I do when I am not teaching during the school year. I have an Exmark with about 4,000 hours on it. It is starting to cut funny. It runs great but I cannot get the bladers to stay even. I am probably going to buy a new mower and wanted some advice on what mowers have the best functionality and are easiest to repair. I do have a John Deere walk behind that is great. Any advice would help. I have a deal rolling on a 60' Hustler Super Z new for 8300.00. also offering the same price on the Bunton. I did find a new John Deere 60' 757 for 7000.00 on the web. Any thoughts. I appreciate it.
  2. smcunningham

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    hustler all the way
  3. tacoma200

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    Well it sounds like it's time for a new mower (4000hrs). I would say Hustler as of now. Wonder why it's cutting funny as you say. If the deck isn't bent you should be able to put new spindles on the deck and it should cut normal again. You could use it as a backup. Test drive the new one before you buy and make sure for the next 4000 hrs you will be happy with your purchase. I found the 27 hp Hustler to be a little week with the big pumps and motors but you may not. Most I've heard seem happier with a bigger engine and at that price I'm guessing you priced a 27 hp or less. Good luck. You'll get alot of response on this one. Make sure your getting the new deck on the Hustler (XR7). They are still selling last years mowers.
  4. tipp

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    Do you have any in put on the 06 John Deere 757 60'. I am also looking at those.
  5. TLS

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    A 60 foot mower is a huge mower. :rolleyes:

    Stick with a local dealer.

    Hustler offers a good product right now. Very well built, simple, and good bang for the buck.

    JD offers a good product, yet their engine choices are lacking somewhat.

    What engine did your 4K hr Lazer have on it? And was it original?
  6. Palmer'sLS

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    becasue of the service i have recieved from my hustler dealer, and the help that was recived via this site i would TOTALLY reccomend hustler to my opinion they have the best mower for the least amout of money, but even with money aside, they still have the best mower hands down!!:clapping:
  7. tipp

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    25 hr kawi
  8. lawnspecialties

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    What a stripe, I'll bet!

    Seriously, get the Hustler. I've run a Deere and they are good machines. Me personally, I'd buy nothing but Hustlers from now on until someone makes a better machine. Short wheel base, wide wheel base, welded decks, and man! will they scoot!:weightlifter:
  9. rodneyskip

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    What engine choice would you think would be best for a deere? If my memory serves me correctly they offer 23, 25, 27, 29, and 31(diesel) hp mowers. Maybe you are looking for a 24, 26, 28, 30, or 32 hp motor???
  10. tcls83

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    "4000 hours on the Exmark"

    I liked reading that. I am planning on keeping mine for that long. What engine was in your Exmark??

    How about just getting another Exmark??

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