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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Vabrit, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Vabrit

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    Hello everyone,
    Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
    I am in my early 40’s and I live in the east end of Henrico County, next to Richmond VA. I work a 2nd shift and thanks to a slow economy money is getting tighter and tighter, as it is for most people. I am free every morning and early afternoon and of course weekends. I have owned and run a business before in another state so I am familiar with business registration and insurances etc. I am looking at starting a small lawn care / power washing business. I am looking to make on average make about $300 -500 a week.
    I have a SUV and two trailers, 5x 8 open and 5x 8 enclosed. I have a string trimmer and a new 22” self propelled mower. I have approx $2000 to purchase additional equipment and I was looking at getting a decent leaf blower and a riding mower something like a Troy-Bilt 17.5-HP Manual 42" Riding Mower, and I was also looking at a Ridgid 3,300 psi 3 GPM Triplex Gas Pressure Washer. I would be renting a 27" Aerator when needed.
    My customer’s properties would be ¼ to 1 acre lots. 1500-2500sq foot homes.
    As far as advertising we would approach local real estate agents to offer lawn care for empty homes for sale as well as post sale yard work so that the new home owners would have a nice lawn and house ready to move in to, in addition to rental homes. I would have a simple web site, use door hangers / flyers, and of course word of mouth and of course the ever useful craigslist.
    Any helpful information regarding equipment and pricing would be most helpful as well as any other input.
    Thanks for your time
  2. AI Inc

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    I wouldnt bother with realtors. Banks make them shell out the money and then beg for reimbursment.
  3. Vabrit

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    I figured I would kinda start posting on a reg basis about the progress I am making, ups and downs of starting a lawncare biz from scratch.
    So the last few days I have been tossing around various names for the business. Kinda leaning towards mildly amusing, light hearted Pro Lawn Care, AAA Lawn Care or the such.
    Fell in love with Stihl equipment at the local store, had a mental giggle at the sales guy who promptly told me I NEEDED a $4500 mower....yeah I plan on mowing 10 yards a week 1/4 - 1/2 acre each. I asked him why he didn't have his own dealership if he wanted to sell equipment...he got the message, showed me more reasonable walk behinds...I know Zero turns are the bomb...but $$$$. If this business take off then yes I will get one.

    So Blower i am looking at is BR200 Stihl
    Trimmer ....what else FS90 old one went bye bye at last Hurricane. So tossing up between MS 280 and MS 290.

    My older Toro WB will do for now.

    So before running out and buying all said equipment. I will be seeing about setting up customers for gutter cleaning and leaf pick up / cleaning.

    From there I can but the equipment I need.

    My realtor friend said she will have me do her rental and for sale prop and pass my info on the other as soon as I become official with the state, I will have a customer..good start.

    Well Please feel free to comment, offer advice,

    Take care all

  4. Vabrit

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    Well picked up 2 accounts to do tomorrow.
    1 gutter and leaf blow
    1 leaf blow

    So now am proud owner of new equipment..:)

    Will take pics and post over weekend.

    Also by next week should have website up.
  5. Vabrit

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    Had a great day, just signed up a realtor for next year, will be doing all their lawn work and power washing for newly sold homes and up keep on for sale homes and rental property. Not a huge account but should provide 12-24 homes.
    Working on my next realtor.
    The 2 accounts I had this past weekend for gutters and leaf clean up provided me with a good couple of

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