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    I asked this question in the landscaping forum, but the mowing forum gets much more hits, and I figured there would be enough landscapers in here as well.

    I hope nobody rags on me for this but...I mainly do maintenance, but I have a landscape project to complete. The drawing is done and both I and customer approves.

    My question is what order do all the installs need to go in to be most efficient?

    Here is a list of all the things needed to be completed in this job in the order I assume things should happen. I wanna see what order you all think they should go in.

    This is a backyard only. Rock, Sod and mulch will be delivered.

    1. post for fence
    2. 20 yards of soil
    3. bed edging
    4. fabric / shrubs / trees
    5. irrigation
    6. rock / mulch
    7. sod
    8. fence
    9. flagstone

    Is this right?
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    The biggest problem I see is this constant puzzle of painting oneself into a corner.
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    The irrigation system is probably the thing to go first, it will tear up the whole yard so
    once over and get it done, so that once it's tore up there's no more fear of that.

    And here's where the problem starts...

    Yes the fabric obviously needs to go down before the rocks and the mulch :p

    But either the beds (trees and shrubs, rocks and mulch?) come next, or the fence!
    But build the fence and you got to work around it from there on out, however this might be better than...
    Defining the beds, then building the fence, as doing it this way might tear up the beds.

    AFTER the fence and the beds are all finished, edging.

    I assumed the 20 yards of soil is to prep for the sod, this might could go just after the irrigation system as well
    but I am not sure how well it would fare with the transport that comes after, or if this matters?
    The sod almost has to come last or it stands a chance of getting seriously tore up with all the materials transport.
    Right before the fence might work, if the fence doesn't have to go THROUGH sodded areas.
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    thanks for your help.

    This property is in a rural area...with access on both sides, and all around house. Basically one open area that is being condensed to a smaller area. So building a fence when landscape is already installed could be done with no damage to new landscape....but again, It would be nice to have like 75% of the fence in..with an open spot for access.

    I'll take the advice about the irrigation...makes sense that it would need to be one of the first things in. Just have to make sure the heads are installed high enough in the sodded areas, and in the exact right spots for the drip lines for the shrubs.
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    anyone else?

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