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Discussion in 'Employment' started by DeepGreenLawn, Jan 18, 2010.

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    I own a local fertilizer company in GA and I am looking to hire my first full-time employee this year. Due to the economy I feel I have a few quality guys to pick from for a great "deal." Don't get me wrong, they will make what they deserve. I am going for quality and am willing to pay for it.

    What I was wanting to know was how some of your incentive programs work. I am wanting to pay the guy a base salary and then have incentives which will allow him to make more with the quality work he provides.

    Remember, this is for a lawn care position, fert and weed control.


    A percentage for each new customer,
    A percentage for each months income,
    A percentage for etc etc...

    I figure if he is bringing in work then I will make money even if he gets a percentage of each customer and he makes more money as well...
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    You would think with the way the economy is, there would be good people out there jumping at the chance for a job.. But, from experience in my area they seem a lot lazier:hammerhead: It embarrasses me to see some of the guys that come into our office "in desperate need" for a job. Sometimes I really want to ask them if they were in such desperate need, why couldn't they stop off on the way in and get a hair trim? I wonder if the sign outside says "Now hiring: People who resemble Grizzly Adams".:dizzy:

    Many times I repeat, "yes, although you have a resume, we still require you to fill out an application". Many come in and must think it appropriate that I see what color their boxers short are.. I mean.. really?!?

    Michigan has extended the Unemployment benefits for so long, I have heard of people collecting UE for a few years :rolleyes:Why get a job, the stat will also pay for you to go to school. Unbelievable..

    I wish you luck. Your pay sounds fine. Hopefully you will find a trustworthy employee, that will help you grow your company for not only your benefit, but also his.. or hers:laugh:

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