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    I have always had a policy with my clients that I would install a basic fixture at no charge for every signed contract they refer me. In this economic climate I am getting people who don't want or can't do the whole job at one time and we work with them in phases. This incentive has worked more now than ever.

    Does anyone else have incentives? what do you think?
  2. bmwsmity

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    Incentives are really tough to make effective I think, mostly due to the fact that there is no one incentive that is effective for everyone.

    I like to give clients the choice of three packages of varying price and quality of fixtures...something like an entry level Kichler setup, copper, and brass.

    I also like to go over the design as a "best case" scenario based on what they told me they wanted out of a lighting system. I preface my discussion with this idea and let them know that the design is able to be changed to meet their budgetary needs.

    I also like to give a small percentage discount right off the bat on the estimate. This works two ways. It lets the buyer feel they are getting a good deal, and it also signals to them that I might be willing to negotiate some if the price is just a tad higher than they expected.

    I always seek to avoid situations in which I simply hand the client a price and hope it is within what they expected...I like to put the ball in their court and give them some control over the project cost.

    I think this is the most effective way to create a strong reason to buy NOW. Of course, some people may never buy at any price, simply because they don't value lighting that much...this can be avoided through proper qualifying in the initial meeting.

    Just my two cents. I may not be a high revenue company yet, but I do have a very high close ratio, and I think this is attributed to my low pressure style.

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    we offer a 10% "good neighbor" referral, any job we get because of a mentioned referral ( they have to say- the jones told me to call you...) leads to a cash or credit of 10% on the job that we got because of the referral.
  4. bmwsmity

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    glad you mentioned this. i also give a 15% discount for referrals.
  5. Venturewest

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    I can really see that in the scenario you mentioned, where the customer really wants to have their portrait completed but just cant put out the funds at the time. I think cash would be the second best thing. "I will give you $200 (or $100 or whatever) for every neighbor you refer.
  6. JoeyD

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    something else would be to tell them if they let you leave your sign with a light on it for 3 months or however long that you will give them the light you use to light the sign up. Just another idea........
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    The free light is an awesome idea!

  8. NE Landscape Lighting

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    I offer a similar program giving the customer a $100 credit. I sold 4 jobs in the past three weeks because a customer kept my sign on their lawn longer. (see customer referal program on my site:

    Two of the jobs came from the same customer.


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