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    Do any of you offer special incentives while advertising for new clients. Some that I've seen offer free soil test, first or last mowing of year for free, sign up before March 15 and fall clean up at no extra charge, ect.,.... these are just a few I've seen. As with most of you, my biggest help has come from word of mouth and lawn signs in the lawns I service. Just wondering, what or if , some of you offer similar incentives.
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    Hi CCL,

    I have seen one free mowing with a signed seasonal contract. The 4th mow is free. Just a thought.
  3. sildoc

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    I use the 5 mow of the year free with seasonal contract. I also have a clause that if they cancell there contract before the 5th month there is a 50.00 charge for the mowing. Just a way to get those that would never have signed a contract to do so. I don't offer this after I am full though or close to full.
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    I'm doing there 5th cut FREE for all new clients. On the back of my doorhanger card it is punch card. On the fifth punch they get it for free. Seniors 10% off.

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