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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by bandito, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. bandito

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    Here is my situation,im retired but need some additional it possible to make (ballpark figures)800-1000 dollars a month doing side jobs with a tractor.such as mowing large lots,fields,digging post holes,tilling gardens.i do not have a tractor as of yet,i would like to get a new holland tc45 but cant justify spending that much just for these off and on jobs as per i would be makeing the payment and break even leaving myself nothing.any ideas on what type compact tractor to invest in & is it possible depending upon how much time and effort i put into this venture to make that 800-1000 dollar mark per month.
  2. Planet Landscaping

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    No problem. Tractor= money
  3. micromike

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    I've been looking into basically the same thing but for summer employment. I have been told repeatedly that if I had a mid-size backhoe I could easily have more work than I could ever do. The bigger guys don't want to fool with the small jobs...under $1,000.

    Depending on what attachments you plan to get...mowing...Make sure you get in touch with Realtors, land developers, contractors etc. They like to keep things nice. I know that the local utility board here (water and sewage) rent equipment and contract out a LOT of maintence work. You might try them. Sometimes Parks and Rec, get behind and they might need a temp. Lots of possibilities here.

    Backhoe...Small Plumbing and electrical, contractors could use someone who is willing to work on short notice for smaller jobs. Heck just talking about possibly getting a backhoe has lead to numerous offers from people I know needing smaller jobs done.

    Personally I am thinking about a backhoe, and a Harley Rake. High dollar equipment but you can get High dollar return. No one rents out a Harley rake in my area that I can find. Yet there is a lot of new house construction. A lot of potential here.

    And let's face it. At $50 an hour (reasonable for my area) and just 10 hours a week leads to a couple thousand of extra income a month. I think the risk is minimal if you can afford the upfront costs.

    Have you checked on Liability Insurance yet? I did last week. $502 a year for a Landscape Business Policy with minimum state requirements for coverage. Not bad in my mind.

    Good Luck and let us know what you find out and decide. I too would be interested in discussing with anyone who has simimar interests, and comments both pro and con.

  4. Planet Landscaping

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    no guts no glory
  5. hosejockey2002

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    I have a similar business going, but my tractor is much smaller than yours. I've done grading, brush clearing, mowing, tilling, and I've used my tractor on a couple of lawn installations. I get around $40 an hour with my 18 hp tractor. My bond and insurance cost me around $600 a year. The TC45 you want to get is a large, very capable machine, almost more a utility tractor than a compact. You'll be able to run a six foot Harley rake easily, load full size dump trucks, and with a backhoe really do some serious work. You should be able to get at least $60 an hour with a machine like that.
  6. NYRookie

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    I have the 25D, and I can get $50/hr, $100 minimum where I live. You can make money with it if you take the small jobs that the big guys don't want. I do brush hogging and use my york rake to fix stone driveways and level and spread material. You might want to check into ins., because I am not covered to dig below ground more than 6". They want to underwrite you as an excavator then, BIG INS. Bill. If you can get in with some utility contractors, you should be able to do alright. I let my uncle and his mini excavator do all my tile work though.
  7. T. Matthews

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    I have a Kubota B7500 with front loader , york rake and grader blade. I charge $300 with a 3hr minimum. So if I'm only there for 1 or 3 hr I'm getting $300. That covers. load and unloading at my shop, my time travel insurance, mainteance ,fuel, monthly payment. That needs to all be included in your price to make any money. I don't think I could make any money at $50 an hr with all that over head.
  8. Planet Landscaping

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    350 minimum here. Then by the job ONLY.Not per hour.I will not harley rake,Blow hay, backhoe or whatever I got on all day for 4-5 hundred When I can make double that. 2003 Kubota 3130 With all the goodies to go with it.(She thinks My tractor sexy)Started with 82 kubota 25 hp Made bucket loads of cash with it,sold it for more than I paid and bought a Sexy one. ( I deserve it) Even got a beer/coffee holder.Digital,hydro,quick attach,backhoe,hd loader. Plow with em in winter too.Very durable,efficient at snow removal with heat in cab. Awsome machine. Go get one. No guts no glory
  9. JohnK

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    Sounds like you could raise your prices a bit hosejockey2002, the others are using a little bit larger equipment but your price still seems on the low side.

    It would cost $295 for someone to rent a B21 Kubota for a day (delivered) from Issaquah Kubota. That's almost $40 / hour and doesn't come with an experienced operator.
  10. 65hoss

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    When I break the ole tractor out its at $85 per hour. Anything less and it can stay in the shed and I can be out making money with the other equipment.

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