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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tom-N-Texas, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. Tom-N-Texas

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    Call me nosy!

    I'm just kind of curious to take a poll on how much ANNUAL (NET) income is typical for the average lawn service. Also maybe info about your house/payments if so inclined. Also maybe list how many employees you have, how much you pay, if you plan on staying in the lawn service indefinately, are you able to save money or do you live on the edge...etc... List anything that might shed light on your service/way of life. Here are my stats.

    * Annual net income -- Apprx $95,000
    * I am able to comfortably pay my bills and raise family (3 kids). Wife does not work. House value: about $275,000...payment $2100/month (including taxes)
    * We save an average of about $1,000-$2000/month 9 months out of the year. Lose a portion of that during the winter months.

    * # employees (3) pay $10 hr each

    * I drive an old (paid for) scratched, dented up truck.

    * To look at me you'd think I probably made $15,000 per year but I probably make more than most of my clients.

    * mostly residential customers -- 40 per day average

    * Will I retire in the lawn service? Quite honestly I like my job but it's not particularly gratifying to me anymore, for I seem to be stuck financially. On the other hand I'd be hard-pressed to find anything else that pays this well.
  2. rodfather

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    So what is your gross revenue?
  3. geoscaper

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    Tom, along these lines I talked to guy today who is a solo op. He was bidding a house next to the one I was working at. We have mutual friends and got talking a little bit. He said he nets about 100,000 a year just landscaping, no mowing. He has a pretty nice setup as far as equipment, mostly motorized. bededger, motorized wheelbarrow(which sounds nice), and a dingo to move materials. He said he's kind of selective on the work he takes on due to time constrants. Sounds like a pretty nice way to go. I would imagine your responses will run from 20,000 to over a million.
  4. MMLawn

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    Tom, are you saying that the $95K is YOUR net or the companies total net??
  5. Tom-N-Texas

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    This year I figure I will my business will net about $95,000 after I pay employees, gas and equipment. Of course there are other random expenses such as truck repair, equipment repair, miscellaneous supplies, etc. ..this stuff may take off a couple more thousand. After that I have a whole slew of bills: house payment, car payment, health insurance etc, 3 kids to feed, etc. Tom

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