incoming debris?

Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by godzilla, Oct 5, 2006.

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    I've currently got a few yards of grass clippings to get rid of and nobody around here will take them. What's the big deal about taking in fresh clippings? I figured somebody would want to take them, put it into a pile and make compost... but that's just me.
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    Sorry to hear that..

    It looks like you are too far away from any Long Island compost locations.. I met some of those guys this summer at PANTS show in Atlantic City, NJ.

    If you were in Northern VA, Eastern Panhandle WV, Hagerstown / Frederick MD, etc. we would be happy to take grass clippings (which make a very nice additive to Leaf Compost - as long as it is not the majority in the compost). We take leaf / grass clipping waste at two (2) locations: Near Berryville VA & Merrifield VA. If there is any other landscapers / lawncare companies out there in these areas please call me for cheap quote (Berryville VA) or check out our website: for directions or Merrifield VA office phone # for quotes (talk w/ Vinay & tell 'em Gary sent you).


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