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Hey guys - we have tried about 30 of these tools over the years and this one is amazing. It is cheap - practically free, easy to use, and very flexible in the different ways you can use it.

We have it installed on all of our sites now though on many of them we do not display a button as in our case we are not able to monitor it 24/7 at this point. Still, when we are available we can see every website visitor immediately and offer them help if they need it - it's great.

The other benefit is that in the place(s) where we do display a button they are highly encouraged to leave a message, which increases our chances of making a new contact.

This powerful feature can work in many different ways. For example:

You can add a chat button to your website that displays either "Chat Online" or "Chat Offline - Leave a Message" and you can change this button automatically from the control panel whenever you want to enable/disable the chat feature.

The panel will also let you know immediately when a visitor is on your site at that moment and you will have the option of displaying a message to them saying "Hello. Can I answer any questions for you today?", etc...

There is a ten day free trial and after that you can try it for a month ($15) or for a year (only $99).

Installation of the control panel is automatic. The only tricky part for people with no web experience is installing it on your site pages and my company will do that for you for a very low fee.

If you need help with web development to install this product or any other feature you can reach us at Strategic Net Designs

If you would like to give this amazing feature a try you can sign up for it (no cash/no risk) here:

Amazing Website Chat Feature Free Trial Information

Good luck!!!