increased mole activity after going organic

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by mrkosar, Dec 2, 2008.

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    first, have any of you noticed more moles in your pure organic lawns because of the increase in earthworms and lack of pesticides? i have had several customers say their mole problems have gotten much worse since going organic.

    second, what to do about them? the natural repellants made from castor oil haven't seemed to work. besides mole traps (which i haven't seen work too well either) is there anything else i can do for these properties? i don't want to, but i'm considering using Talpirid. it is the only product that i've actually heard works against moles.
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    True, true but there are some folks that just can't handle anything other than grass in there yard

    It is a valid question to ask, hopefully other will chime in as to their experiences

    these things normally run in cycles, a bunch this year, some next year, none for quite some time and then they are back. That's how it works with rabbits and foxes around us too

    That is how my yard seems to work
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    We have huge mole issues - so bad some yards are in terriable shape. They have gotten much worse since going to organics. We have mole movers on several yards that have some effect moving moles to other yards because of sound/vibration waves. We use traps, etc. But the problem is real and we need help, in Louisville. out of Cincinnatti is the best from what I hear. I wish he had operations down here so I could refer about 100 customers - he could make a killing - literally.:gunsfirin
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    "and in 1702, William III of England died from pneumonia after his horse tripped on a molehill. Such accidents, however, are quite rare."

    Prolly the greatest wiki link ever. :) Love it Tree.
  6. Tim Wilson

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    On a hundred acres we have a lot of moles. In areas where they become a problem we trap them with 'black holes'.
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    OK I'm hooked what's a black hole??
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    ............. Or this:

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    That is one big pussy cat, I do believe the moles could out dig that one. Cats are very good at hunting moles though

    Maybe you could start up a business and rent out your cat, is that the worlds oldest business?? :)

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