Increased productivity today, but got sick

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jimbo, Sep 8, 2002.

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    I spread mulch chips a few times per year and I just wanted to show photos of my new setup. Bear in mind the previous method of spreading was an old fashioned wheel barrow (6 cubic feet) and lots of walking.

    Th photos show how manuverable the ZTR is. You can back this thing anywhere. I made the hitch out of 1/4" stainless steel, and bolted it on to the center bolt hole on the rear skirt (works great).
    The dump cart is made by Agri-fab 10 cubic feet, and sold at Lowes if you are interested.

    10 cubic yards by hand (old method)- 5 hours
    20 cubic yards with ZTR- 7 hours (shaved off 3 hours).

    I did get sick tough. Its the first time I spread 20 yards of mulch. It took me 7 hours straight to do it and when I was done I ended up vomitting in the parking lot (just water). Sorry, pretty sick. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I think I was on the verge of heat stroke?
  2. Jimbo

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    Sorry, pictures wont go. There is a 102k byte limitation, and my files are over 200k bytes If you are interested in the photos I can e-amil them to you.
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    Happened to me once. I was working another job indoors (but hotter than outside) and started unusually early that morning (3am) which threw my whole system off.....not enough hydration and then too much too cold water at once (I should have been sipping room temp water thew whole morning). Felt fine after the purge, but slowed the pace down.

    I'd be interested in seeing those pics. I'll post them for you if you email me the JPEG's.

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    Photos will be sent to those who have requested. Hopefully Jeffyr will be able to post them since they take awhile for me to upload them every time.

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    Jeffyr..I would like to send you the photos so you can post them. Where do I send them? I also sent you a PM.

    Curiouos how you can make them work since they are so big?

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    Please send me the pics. I got sick one day when it was 110 degrees. Got 1/2 of a yard done (this was my 10th yard of the day) and threw up in my garbage can. told the homeowners i could not finish and they were very understanding. went home and rested and finished their yard the following day.
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    HEAT STROKE DEFINATLY SUCKS!!!! Send those pictures to me if you get aminute. Thanks!!!
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