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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pseudosun, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. pseudosun

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    How do you do it? A letter? I've always done it that way, and never had a problem. I just sent out 2 letters that were long overdue. I increased fee $5. The thought popped into my head, "What if they don't want to pay more? Do i keep them, or what?"
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    Usually by letter, phone call or in person for a key account. I raised half of my customers last year, most by $3. Did not lose any of my weekly accounts. My EOW accounts were raised significantly to purposely get rid of them. Lost a couple of them, the ones that remain are worth doing every other week. This year I am raising the price on the other half, 3$ seems like the sweet spot. Spread out over many accounts it adds up to a decent amount without much risk of losing any. I don't do price increases that often, but when I do they are well planned in advance and not negotiable. I always plan on losing one or two, if I don't that is great. If I do it just frees up space on my schedule for other accounts.
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    Okay, so you're in the non negotiable column. It just never occured to me that someone would say no, because i'm very reasonable. The increases were sent to customers that i've had for 8 years. If they said something like times are tough, and they think they're paying enough, i guess i'd have a decision to make. Now the question that comes to mind is: Has anyone kept a customer after the customer said no to an increase?
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    With the price of beer and cigarette's, I HAD to increase prices. Heck ,most of my customers were wondering why I didn't do it earlier! I usually have a cold one with each customer. By the end of the day, I'm sauced up good and ready to party even more when I get home. :laugh:

    In reality, I talked to each customer and explained that the prices I quoted them 4 years ago reflected the price of fuel and other expenses that have increased in the last few years. They all didn't mind the price increase and I had one that was at $65 and I increased the price to $68, she said lets just make it $70. :) My prices I quote are profitable enough to begin with that I only increased them because fuel was close to $2 a gallon more.

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    I just increased for 2013. Grandfather in the old customers,and hit the new customers with the new rate. The old customers are happy,and the new customers are non-the wiser! It works for everyone!

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