Increasing payload on trailer.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by LB1234, Mar 8, 2006.

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    I will be getting one of these compact skid steers (WB units) in the coming weeks with multiple attachments. I would like to have a trailer that can handle the machine AND all of its attachments. Machine weight is around 2k and the attachments I'll gestimate to be around 1k. Therefore, I'm looking for a 2T rated trailer.

    Here's my situation....

    We have a single axle, 14' x 6.5', open trailer rated for 1500#'s. How difficult would it be to increase the payload of the trailer? Can it even be done? Is it as simple as adding another axle, say with 3-3.5k rating and electric brakes? Would these just mount/bolt to the frame?

    As you can read here I'm basically clueless:confused: :confused: :confused:

    The trailer is only worth about 500 bucks...I believe...and I would like to avoid selling and dropping a few grand for a fourth...three if I sell the open trailer. I'm basically trying to create what home ripoff has for there powerhouse unit or whatever it is that comes equipmented with all the attachments.

    Any thoughts, comments, suggestions, insight, etc. would be greatly appreciated.:waving:
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    it all depends on how your trailer is built. we need to know what the trailer is made of angle? tube? thickness and such
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    dont push it go up in size for your trailor. You should go with a dump trailor. If you have 3k worth equipment Ill go with a 6k trailor better safe then sorry
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    I already have a dump trailer. Bri-mar, 12k GVWR, dual drop axes, bed length is 14' and its 102" total width. tIt can definately carry the dingo and attachments, but it would be a pain in the but to load/unload everything at the jobsite.

    We also have a haulmark 24' enclosed trailer (20' inside) with 7k GVWR which could handle the machine and attachments as well. Again, the PITA factor involved b/c we use that as our everyday mowing trailer and we'd have to back out a Z, two WB's, push mowers, WB blowers, and other misc crap just to get it in there.

    The idea is to have the dingo and attachments ready and available at a moments notice...basically back the truck up, hook up and walla...I'm ready to go. The dump trailer would be attached to the second truck to transport the materials...shrubs, trees, mulch, top, whatever.
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    I'm heading up to my shop today, I'll try and take some pictures. When I bought this trailer about 6 years ago the guy told me by just placing electric brakes on it it would be able to handle even more weight than the rated 1.5k.

    Off the top of my head the trailers main frame (outside rails) is built on square/rectangular, hollow 'tubing' at about a 2-3 height/width. There are a few cross pieces that I believe are actual angle iron anywhere on the trailer..that I recall...we are lucky if we use the thing twice a year. We mainly haveit as a backup cause we don't have a need for it and IMO it not worth selling it for the 500 bucks or so. Sorry, I'm rambling...I'll try and take some pictures this afternoon and post later tonight.

    thx for the responses.:waving:
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    Here is some pictures in a pdf for comparison. Sorry for the last picture, didn't realize it was so blurred.

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