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    'Just got my 20/52 FasTrak with mulch kit, after a 4 week wait (due to backordered mulch kit.) Unfortunately, grass growth around here (Newark De) has slowed from its frantic springtime pace and I won't be able to really test the mulching ability of the new toy until next spring now :)

    I wanted more cutting height from the machine. What follows is my reasoning, and how I added another .5" to it. I'm looking for your comments/concerns with any of this:

    The first cut with the new toy was at 3", and this looks a bit low for my lawn (tall fescue). So, I want to cut at 3.5 or 4 yet still have reserve if the grass gets too tall before I can cut it. (I'd like to be able to cut too-tall grass in two passes, say 4.5" or even 5", then 3.5", to get it to the right height, without cutting too much at once.) But, the deck went no higher than 4"! Here's what I did, and I'd like to know if it'll cause problems:

    One brochure advertised the max cutting height of the 52" FasTrak as 4.5", but on the machine it says 1" to 4" (4" is with the deck at the "transport" height.) My actual measurements matched the 1" to 4" spec. But there seemed to be more room left in the adjustment, so... I broke out the big wrenches and turned the nuts nearest the foot peg 5 full turns further away from the pin holes in the square bar. This added .5" to all the settings, so now where the label on the square bar says, for instance, 3", the blades are at 3.5". The transport height is now 4.5", and I'm planning on cutting too-tall grass with the deck at this height, then making a second pass at the desired 3.5". There still seems to be room to raise the deck another .25" above the 4.5" setting. Will I hurting anything by cutting at the now 4.5" transport setting? And, just out of curiosity, under what conditions, and grass type, do people cut at the 1" setting?
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    Your not hurting anything.
    Make sure your belt is not rubbing anything when your in the transport position.
    As for the 1" cutting height.... I am not sure, I have never seen anyone mow at 1 inch with a rotary mower.


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