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Incredible! Sneak peak at LawnSite's hit meter.



LawnSite Senior Member

What are you talking about Turf Kutter?

That IS the real one. I've managed to hack into LawnSite's PHP and MYSQL database using high tech decoding software.

I've also cloaked this thread so Chuck and Eric are unable to view...

The meter does seem to be malfunctioning though, I'll get back to work on it.

Turf Kutter

LawnSite Member
Your funny.:)Right click on the meter than click save as gif then open it on your desktop and wallah it keeps going and going.That is fake.:):):)Or right click on it then go to properties it has the url for turfquip (http://www.turfquip.com/bighits2.gif)You ain`t foolin me

[Edited by Turf Kutter on 09-12-2000 at 11:30 PM]


LawnSite Senior Member

Turf Kutter,

Sorry, but by altering it's properties protocol and gif identity axiom I've given it 'normal' right click descriptors.

It is what I say it is though.


LawnSite Platinum Member
With all this rain we're having, that looks like the hour meter on my mower!