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    I am needing some disparate help here :). I am a first time ZTR buyer and trying to figure out a few questions. A little intro.... I am looking at something to mow about 4-5 acres (which is soon to be the size of my residential property) and I am again located in Indiana.

    1. I have been told to go with a commercial grade mower due to the size of the property...thoughts? Or could I get away with a upper end residential mower?

    2. Brands I have been looking at scag, hustler, ferris, JD ( not a 100% sure on that one). Ah others i should consider?

    3. If I had to pick two of my top concerns I would say its cut & comfort. I have some what bad back from to many sports.

    Instead of the scag cheetah....go with the scag freedom?
    Instead of the hustler super z... Go with the turf x one?

    Are these options since this is not my full time job...or for durability should I pay more up front and have no worries? However, there is a big difference in price.

    Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

  2. AllProLC

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    Buy commercial grade/ Suggest either John Deere or Exmark.
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    Pay now(commercial grade mower)or pay later(parts, and replacing resi. mowers) you really can't escape it. I'd go with the exmark lazer personally. Also the Ferris/snapper ztrs have a pretty cool suspension setup that may help with the back. Another important consideration is dealer support.
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    Don't know what side of town your on but there are several good dealers in the area. I got what the best closest dealer sells. Most machines come with warranties ask dealer about loaners and speed of turnaround for a homeowner cause its your only machine
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    badboy outlaw:clapping:

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