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    You better watch your step if you are going to be selling ash treatments. There is no cure for the borer. AFAIK, there is only one chemical (Merit) that has shown any hope on preventative treatments, and it's not 100%.

    The thing is, you can treat someones ash and the nieghbor next door won't. If the nieghbor gets EAB, the people you treated for will have their tree cut down, regardless of treatment.

    EAB "treatments" are not something *I* would be looking to get into any time soon, especially with a new client base. I've been following the EAB since shortly after the anouncement it was here (by here I mean in-country), and it scares the crap out of me. I wouldn't want the percieved liability from treatment customers when their trees get cut down.

    Just my $.02.
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    still looking for indianapolis tree cutters.I have a qustion about dumping.refuse.brush. Where do you local guys get rid of that extra weight?
    Because I am trying to go the can is open for whatever you got to dump.

    from one seed of corn, comes a tall stalk, that one stalk gives seven ears of corn, those seven ears of corn, yeild over 100 grains of corn.
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    If you have it chipped, there's a couple of places that I know of around Indy...

    First is TIffany's. Seems like every time I went in there (when I was still working over there), there was at least 1-2 bucket/chip trucks that came in to dump. Don't know if it's a free dump or charged, or if they are even still taking chips.

    Second place I know of is Green Cycle. They have two locations, one at I-65 and 267 (B'burg exit- exit #133 or 137-- you'd think I'd remember after going through that intersection 5-6 days a week for a year....) on the SE corner. Also have a location on Hanna(?), a few blocks west of Bobcat of Indy (Bluff road store). I'm pretty sure there's a charge for dumping there.

  4. E-Z Green

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    Every little bit helps...good looking out. DO you have a chipper D?
    Also, I notice that the buds are growning on the trees, so hopefully that is an indicator that we will be cutting soon. I'm doing a "Tree Trim Time" flyer. Are you guys upselling at this time?
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    I'm not in business for myself, so no, I don't have a chipper. My father has a side business (he's a certified arborist) and has a chipper.

    Buds were getting big. It'll be an interesting spring to say the least. As warm as it was before this cold snap they were getting big and swelling. Had it stayed that warm for another couple of weeks, I'm sure we would have started seeing leaves.

    Winter is a great time to prune, are you just not getting calls? To be honest, I'd rather prune in the winter as opposed to early spring. Makes for a lot less clean-up....
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    Yeah, I'm with you there about cutting wile those leaves are gone.

    I started passing out my flyers last week. Got a couple of days of distribution in after i got off of work. But hopefully, i get a chance to continuew this week. Havent got many calls yet though. I've ran into more opportunities for futre lawn customers; potentials.

    DO you and your pop focus on trees or what D?
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    If anyone has extre work in the Carmel/Fishers/Noblesville area please let me know. I would be happy to subcontract or take any extra mowing jobs. Thanks
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    Hi gang... I am in the Greenwood market and am new to this site. I really don't mow commercially, I have a tree chipper, dump truck and small backhoe. Also stump grinding. Mostly bulk tear out and replacement, small to mid sized trees, top soil etc..
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    We operate mainly on the Northside of Indy...Fishers,Geist, Carmel, Zionsville. Also work around the city doing repo mowing work...for gooood extra cash flow.
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    Why never buy them? What do you have?

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