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  1. phillie

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    really? No takers? The number has gone up to 9 hotels. A few by the airport, a few downtown, a few around 96th and michigan area and 1 or 2 on the eastside. Need to know quickly or else Ill have to go with 1 of the big guys.
  2. dynogt16

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    from INDIANA
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    evansville indiana area here
  3. M & MD Lawn

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    I just saw interested!
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  4. GravelyWalker

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    I just sent you a pm
  5. Purdukee

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  6. Whitley

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    Might be interested have some commercial by the at the airport already.Posted via Mobile Device
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  7. Whitley

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    Serving Hendricks county area from Avon, Indiana!
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  8. c&m Lawn care

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    I am wanting to start a legit lawn care business in southern Indiana where i live i am just needing help as to what all license i need if any? do i need a business license with the state? and how much insurance i need? any input on these questions would be great....
    Loogootee, Jasper area
  9. lalllc

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    You need to get a lawyer. That said. You need a doing business as from the court house. Then drive to a insurance man and get liability ins. If you plan on doing any planting it is a smart thing to call the DNR and get a license . Check with your town and county and check the laws. Also don't even think of doing any lawn chemicals with out calling the Indiana state chemist . You could really mess yourself up on that one. I hope I helped some. Good luck. Oh and don't do anything unless you have it in writing.
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  10. c&m Lawn care

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    What is the Lawyer for lol sorry this is very new for me. So once i get my DBA and have INS i am alright for Lawn Care. If i want to do planting trees,flowers,bushes etc need additional license? pretty much need an additional license for everything right on kinda got me going in the right direction

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