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  1. Mikeyd

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    Westfield Carmel area for me. Just starting out, signed 5 customers to date. Strictly cut and trim service. I'm doing this PT for my kids college fund.

  2. bigmackmiller

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    So everybody cranked up? We are having trouble staying dry here in the Kokomo area
  3. Mikeyd

    Mikeyd LawnSite Member
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    I now have 25 lawns plus my full time job. I work til about 4 and cut about 5 a night. Works pretty good. I also retooled and sold my ZTR and walk behinds for two Vantage StandOns. It's been a great season thus far!

  4. GravelyWalker

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    How are you liking those standers? Demoed a gravely stander at GIE expo. Really enjoyed it. Seemed much tighter than sit down ztr.

    Sorry off topic and a little early but I am looking for some sub snow work if anyone is subing this year. Looking mainly for residential and small commercial because I will be using an atv. Will salt as well. Pm me with any opportunities Thanks!
  5. Horizon Jay

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    Looking to network with people in Fort Wayne for referrals or sub-contracted work. We are adding another plow truck to the mix this year and want to keep it busy! Also seeking interested parties that would like to get together and discuss business plans, marketing strategies, what worked and what didnt, etc. Just read the new turf mag and as Kenneth Blanchard said, "None of us is smarter than all of us." The idea is that we all discuss/learn tips & tricks from each other in a non competitive environment, then decide wether or not to implement them in our own business model. Just a thought. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

    I should add Fort Wayne and surrounding area. Honestly I am down to talk with anyone from anywhere.
  6. WeScoop4U

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    Any Fort Wayne peeps still post on here??
  7. the3ps

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    good thread
  8. Keene Landscaping

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    What advertising do you Indiana guys see working the best?
  9. Horizonlawnscape

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    I take it this thread is dead?.....
  10. M & MD Lawn

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    I'm in Indy, I rarely see Indy guys post
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