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    I wasn't aware of that....thanks to all who have shed light on the turf/ornamental tests!! Anybody else been swamped with work this year besides me??
  2. D Felix

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    We've been busy. We are finally down to the last couple of maintenance accounts for mulching! I know there's going to be more that roll in, but the end is in sight. Hopefully we will be digging more holes again soon.:)

    Oh, another bit of bad news I'll pass along. This just showed up in my inbox today from Dr. Harvey Holt at Purdue Forestry. I knew it was bound to happen sometime, but I wish it hadn't. I've got a sinking feeling in my stomach right now... It was bound to happen sometime though.............. Here's the text:

    "Tree-eating pest found in Indiana

    The Emerald Ash Borer makes small holes in trees, which eventually kills them

    Posted: 04/20/2004 11:31 am
    Last Updated: 04/20/2004 11:32 am

    An insect that has destroyed millions of ash trees in Michigan and Ohio has been discovered in Indiana for the first time.

    The Emerald Ash Borer has been found at a campground on Barton Lake, near Fremont, in the far northeast corner of Indiana.

    Tom Eickholtz of the Purdue Extension office in Steuben County sayshe discovered the beetle Monday during a weekly check of campgrounds. Bugexperts say it was only a matter of time before the beetle was found in Indiana.
    Eickholtz says scientists will try to determine the extent of the infestation,then destroy all ash trees within a half-mile radius.

    Earlier this month, the destruction beganof thousands of trees in Berrien County. Officials decided to stop the spreadof the ash borer after they were first discovered in St. Joseph in January.

    The ash borer makes small D-shaped holes in trees. The trees die two orthree years after an infestation. The bugs came to the United States fromChina in shipping crates.

    Copyright 2004 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed."

    For those that are interested in learning more (you ALL should be), I have a thread over on Arboristsite ( on the EAB. Nothing's been posted recently, but there are several pages of info and news articles. It's located in the Resdential forum, do a search on "EAB news and info" to find it.

    Sorry about the bad news, but it looks like ashes may soon be coming to an end here in the state.....

  3. jajwrigh

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    For those who fertilize in many apps do you do per season per customer....I am planning a hard move towards only fert dropping mowing and such...maybe by next season!
  4. RjCjR

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    I do 5 and a gub control.

    1. Early Spring
    2. Late Spring
    3. Summer
    4. Early Fall
    5. Late Fall

    This gets me really good/HEALTHY results
  5. D Felix

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    I think we had been doing 3-4 applications per client. That was last year. This year we subbed out the applications, so I don't know how many they are getting with the sub.


  6. Russ

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  7. Russ

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    Bad news about the EAB, but as you said, I guess we all knew it was just a matter of time. I'm not sure why they are removing the ash only in a 1/2 mile radius? Seems to me I read somewhere the flight was 2-4 miles on the EAB.

    Are you on a mailing list of Dr. Holt's? If so, how might I subscribe?

    We still have about 120 yd of mulch to put down. Round 2 of the apps. has started. Two "emergency" 12K sod jobs, several small installs and the mowing is in full production. The weather this week has been just great.

    I carry a picture of my wife so I can remember what she looks like.

    It's spring. So much for downsizing.
  8. GrassBustersLawn

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    Number of treatments

    5 as described previously.

  9. touhey33

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    I am from north east indy and just getting started got any advice for a newbie. THis area also seems to be the best area, between Geist, fishers, noblesvillle, and carmel there seems to be a lot of work out there, what do you think.

    Tim's Lawn Care Service
  10. D Felix

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    Ok, for those of in the central part of the state, what suppliers do you use?

    We don't mow, so I'll probably leave out some....

    Brehob's, Indy, wholesale nursery
    Hobb's, Plainfield, wholesale nursery
    Tiffany's, well, everyone knows what they sell!
    Woerner's/Ameri-tuf- sod and supplies
    Prarie Creek, Lebanon, sod
    Purdy's, Lafayette, sod
    DeHaii Industrial, Lafayette, Bobcat Equipment
    EJ Prescot, drainage supplies
    Bobcat of Indy, equipment
    Local JD dealer
    Lesco, Harding and 465
    United Horticultural Supply, Fert, grass seed, etc
    Automatic Irrigation, irrigation, lighting and pond supplies
    Cisco, we don't use them and don't remember where they are.:)
    Indiana Turf Solutions (think that's the name), in/around Fishers
    JD Landscapes, couple of places...
    Garrity Stone, stone supplies
    Earth Products, stone supplies
    Hoosier Stone, Whitestown, larger stones
    Stone Center, d'uh!
    Mansfield Stone- some of you may not know about these people, they are located in Brazil and supply Stone Center with the "Mansfield" Stone. Go direct to them for 1/2 the price....

    These are most of our suppliers. I can get phone numbers for most/all of these if anyone needs them.

    Who uses other suppliers, and for what? It's always good to know of other places....

    On another note, who here is a member of INLA, or other statewide organization?


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