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  1. lawnyogi

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    I am a member... first year, this year.
  2. Russ

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    Lesco Northeast--Good guys with great product knowledge
    Cisco--On Shadeland in Eastgate, custom seed blends and 2 1/2 gallon glypohosate sp, for $88.00
    Ameri-turf--Closer than Prarie Creek, but doesn't green up as fast in the spring as Prarie creek ( diff. seed blend)
    Garrity Stone--Close to me
    Brehob--North and south
    Arrow Tool--Best DC mechanic in the country (if ya ever need one), he advises the factory
    Henthorn--on Lafayette Rd
    Indiana Mulch--depending on where I'm working
    Automatic Irrigation--Since builders plumbing closed
    Pro source one--Not much anymore since they moved
    UHS--every once and a while
    Ben Meadows
    A & L Labs
    ClC Labs
    Hoosier Trapper--for the best small hand shovel, the Yo-ho
    JD Landscapes--for Rid Rust 2000 (too expensive for anything else)
    Heartland growers--Great for annuals. If they don't have it, it don't grow. And it's in great shape. You will have to kill it.
    Tiffany--King of Spades, and whatever else they sell
    K & K trucking--Good guys, great Course L placement and dirty rocks
    Dollar Store--Measuring cups & heavy equipment --ha ha ha
    Aldies--Crew fluids

    MRTF & ILLA member--didn't renew my INLA, but I still hold a manual. One of these days I'm a gonna take that test. P.L.A.N.T. Addict

    my major suppliers are Speedway, Farmers Ins. and Labor Finders
    after these guys get done with me, I have to cut a stick of gum 7 times to get through the week.
  3. D Felix

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    Are you talking about the IAP (Indiana Accredited Plantsmen) test? If so, you probably could pass it with your eyes closed.... At least the old version, which if you currently hold a manual, I think you can still take the old version, but I'm not sure. I took the test in January, scored 99 out of 100. Only thing I missed was a mistaken ID, was in a hurry and thought a bit of hemlock branch was a yew.:rolleyes: My boss is on the INLA board of directors, so if you have any questions about it, I can check with her and she can check with Wayne about the test.

    Do the K&K boys drive red tri-axles? If so, I think one of them darn near killed me a few years ago....

    Forgot about one of our suppliers. Galema's Greenhouse in West Lafayette. We get most of our annuals from them, they have good prices, and are good about faxing you with sale items during the season....

  4. Simone Lawn Service

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    I'm from Fort Wayne-suprised I didn't see posts from anybody else from the Fort (It seems like almost anyone with a truck here also has a lawn service-some with just a trunk!)

  5. jajwrigh

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    Remember that a bunch of those "seasonal guys" don't even have names! Once the temps stay in the 80's and 90's they will begin to dissapear.
  6. Russ

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    Yep, I am talking about the IAP. Something happened again in Jan. and I didn't take the test. I don't know about passing the test, even with my eyes open. I'm just an old man who likes to play outside; and someone on this site (Ric) once said "It is going to take about 3 lifetimes to learn everything you need to know." Seems like the more I learn, the more I know that I don't know very much.

    and--Yep--K&K is all red and 14 tires. Can't comment on their driving, but, they sure can put product where ya need it and I have not met one with a bad attitude.
  7. D Felix

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    If you have any doubts, pay the $$ and go to the review session for the IAP. I went, but really didn't need to....
  8. bbone

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    Rick I'm from Fort Wayne
  9. D Felix

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    I need to correct myself, I've been meaning to do it for a while. The IAP is no longer the IAP, it is now the Indiana Accredited Horticulturalist, or IAH. I knew better, but I don't know why I said IAP instead of IAH.

    Sorry if it caused any confusion!
  10. D Felix

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    Just thougt I would let you all know that I found the first bagworms of the season today! The little SOBs probably hatched in the last couple of days, definately a week earlier than normal.

    These were in Brownsburg, and there were several of them on that particular hawthorn tree. I didn't look at any of the other properties I was on later today, but meant to.

    It's begun again! I expect that you guys further north will be waiting a few more days to see any, though from Indy southward should start seeing them any time.:(:(

    Put up the good fight! We've used Talstar with great success. Probably will this year again until it runs out!:rolleyes:

    For those that don't know what to look for, I'm attaching a pic of young one from last year. The Bic pen is for size reference only!


    dan\'s finding2.jpg

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